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Monday, July 21, 2014

Treason At The Top

Thomas Jefferson once said that a nation can eliminate tyrants but when there is treason at the top a nation is doomed.

(Please pray that the US Corporation Leaders are eliminated immediately and that we get our republic back)

Today we have the most insidious treason the world has ever seen right here in America. We have been taken over by an outfit called the CIA that has given us about 30 months to remain a nation and alive as a people.

After the next 30 months of Hell created by the CIA/FBI they are putting us through they then plan to release Bio Weapons and reduce our population down to about 30 Million if this 4 star USAF general in charge of Asymetric Warfare is correct.

If they can torch off Yellow Stone and Mount Rainier - all the better.

The three stories that ran across my desk today make me sick and only confirm that these Fascist Pigs in charge of the US Corporation wish us dead.

1st: "Plan to Overthrow US Government Expanded by US Intel"

Here Israel has used it's Intel agents to try and over throw the US Government to kill both Muslims and Americans alike. This is in Veteran's Today.
2nd: Jim Willie: "Bombshell: It has begun - Germany to break from US/UK, Join Russia/China Alliance"

Germany funds the Euro Germany - Bohemian Grove - and they are breaking away from the Dollar and the British Pound. Part of the 20 July reset?

My guess is that Angela Merkel (and many other German Leaders) is not happy about having a Bug in her private jet and helicopter.
3rd: Must Watch: "Ret Boarder Patrol Agent Blows Whistle Big Time!!"

Here a retired Boarder patrol Agent talks openly about the Treasonous Orders given by the Obama Administration to bring in sick kids and 500,000 Illegals a month into the America.

The only logical conclusion one can reach is the Obama Administration wishes us dead.

These Computer Rangers (Perverts - I have met many) want you dead and will do whatever it takes to hide the truth - they purposely white washed the photos and then shut down my website -

So if you deal with the FBI, or any other Federal Agency, please realize they wish you dead - they are our enemies.

They to, along with their kids and grandkids, will be terminated when this all goes down in 30 months.

Think about it FBI/CIA Freaks - what does an underground society need with surface dwellers like you who would sell your grandmother for a night worth a prostitute?

You FBI freaks purposely came against me after I stopped a Nuclear War - you are not only Freaks but stupid.

Remember the Nuke NCIS found in DC 21 Sep 2013 - the one I warned them about in July?

Your HQ would have been dust if they were not warned - yet you still came against me. You are either suicidal or really, really, really stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does.

You want to commit suicide FBI/CIA - be my guest. Just don't hurt any body else when you pull the trigger. Nuking DC is definitely out - and recover that nuke heading into DC in 5 days through the subway - standard old working Russian Nuke - 20-25 KT - from the north.

I have an idea - let it go to Capitol Hill Park - just let it go off - kill yourselves - no one will miss you.

You messed with my blogspot you freaks and now GOD is going to rip you a new Rear End CIA/FBI. Stand up and take it like men for once in your lives.

Afraid of the truth again CIA/FBI - so is your master and his Drag Queen Michelle Obama.

The News The CIA/FBI does not want you to have

Dr William B. Mount

Maybe it is time for us to pray for a miracle?

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