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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Goldman Sachs Managing Director Found Dead - Go 6 Zeroes

Managing Director of Goldman Sachs was found dead on 
22 July 2014.

(Please pray that those destroying this nation are destroyed immediately)

According to the story the Managing Director Nicholas Valtz (39) loved to  Kite Board. After he went missing his family went looking for him and found his dead body on the 22nd still connected to his Kite Board.

Do you not find it strange that the man who manages Goldman Sachs did not have a body guard and did not have the Police out looking for him if he went missing in Eastern End of Long Island?

Goldman Sachs has a revolving door policy with the US Corporations - moving in and out of them at will - yet he had no security attachment and it took 48 hours to find a chipped body?

One article said he was Kite Boarding in New York Harbor?

Goldman Sachs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Why did it take 2 days to find his dead body in New York Harbor if he is chipped?

The cause of death was not released.

Goldman Sachs Managing Director Nicholas Valtz Found Dead - Bloomberg

You bankers were warned - do as GOD has director or you will first go broke, then you will go dead.

The longer you wait to do as GOD has said the more of you that will die.

Is that pretty clear Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, IMF.........?

GOD does not care what you do or who you are. I do not make the rues - HE does. I may not even like HIS rules but we have to live my them.

Your cherished Banker was found dead exactly 30 days after you missed the deadline.

Who is next to meet Lucifer and H*ll?

GOD says that since the US Treasury did not honor my TF5444E expect deaths from this batch of crooks - honor your own laws or die, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

It will be interesting to find out who dies next, won't it.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Read.

Dr William B. Mount

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