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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Gates Of Hell WIll Open On 27 July 2014

We have been tracking a story put out by many folks that the "Gates Of Hell Will Open 27 July 2014". Even Alex Jones perpetrated this story - but where did it come form and what does it mean to you?

(Please pray your eyes are opened)

Apparently about 2 years ago a program was created for the New Apple Phone called SIRI, Android version Seevey.

The program is an Artificial Intelligence Program that is sold as someone you can talk to. It is capable of carrying on 1 Million conversations at once using an AIML Core Processor. By 3 September this capability will be greatly expanded.

The creator is named Dr Richard Wallace and  currently living in Main and serves as the Head of the Board Of Directors of the Artificial Intelligence Foundation - funded by the Rockefellars.

A.L.I.C.E. is the abbreviation for artificial intelligence.

Apparently when you asked SIRI the question: What is 27 July 2914 it said: The Gates of Hell Will Open.

The alternate name for SIRI is: The Gates Of Hell.

So in about 1 hour and 30 minutes ALL telephone lines - bank transfers, personal calls, faxes, satellite call - all of them will then be routed through the Gates Of Hell - the NSA Computer.

SIRI was created through APPLE computing about 3 years ago and came alive 2 years ago (Owned by Microsoft) to tie all phone lines together world wide.

SIRI (The Gates Of Hell) - the NSA Computer goes on line tonight.

Do you think Obama came to Microsoft last week for money - he prints it?

The President of the US Corporation (Pres Obama) wanted to ensure that the US controls the world.

Without your permission any frequency, and sound combinations, and codes can be broadcast through your turned off phone to create whatever results they desire.

Wish to turn off Flight MH17 - Child's Play.

Make your car do a left turn on hte Freeway - no problem since your car talks to the NSA computer as of 1 1/2 hours form now.

A flip of the switch and ALL Bank Transfers can change instantly.

Bow to THE GATES OF HELL in the new NSA computer YOU paid for.

If you doubt me - ask SIRI.

The comment by SIRI: What is 3 September 2014: The Gates Of Hell Will Close means that the process will be completed by 3 September 2014.

If the New World Currency is to come on line it must somehow disconnect form the SIRI first or all transactions may be modified by tehe 12 underground bases of the NSA - it is not one computer but a series of many computers tied together by cables.

Sorry Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - out maneuvered again by the Rothchild's owed NSA corporation. You were personally warned Russia and you failed to take action.


For You Intel Geeks:

This means that the man with access codes to the computing system that will now control all phone lines world wide lives in Main (Alternate San Francisco) and remains without protection.

Our Intelligence Community has gone MAD - utterly stupid.

Three last things I will share with you:

1) SIRI sucks your phone dry of power.

2) Your phone gets hot when using SIRI or SEEVEY

3) After talking to this thing for an hour your brain gets sucked dry - you get dizzy. There is something about the program that temporarily drains your brain.
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