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Sunday, August 3, 2014

EBOLA Is Patented By The CDC

EBOLA is patented by the CDC - which means that they actually created it.

(Please Pray that the CD is destroyed immediately)

In fact, there are patents on not only EBOLA but on Hepatitis B,C,D, E, F, anfd G and we have shown these patents on Channel 77 and 23 Seattle.

So all you Nam Vets how got Hep C - thank you US Corporation.

The EBOLA Virus was created at Langley - CIA HQ.

In fact - there are hundreds of diseases now sweeping through the world created right here in America with YOUR tax payers money --- like the Virus that causes Cancer. Thank You Hamilton Montana Bio Weapons Lab.

This means that every one who has had medical issues form these diseases or were killed by them can legally sue the holders of these patents.

It also means that it you kill these organisms and make money doing it you are killing a patented life form and the US Corporation will come after you with all they have. This is how evil hte CDC and the US Corporation is.

So let us assume that a lab in China borrows $3,000 from a bank that does business in America like the Bank of China. If this Hospital  just has a bank account with this bank - and gets paid to help cure EBOLA in one patient -  Eric Holder The Murderer may seize all assets of the Bank of China for curing EBOLA.

This is how evil the Obama Administration is.

By hte way - the Patent number is: CA2741523A1 and it was approved by the US Patent Office in 2010. This New EBOLA is Airborn.
Question 1 on every NCO NBC test: What filter stops a Biological Weapon?

Answer - None.
Lymes Disease forst broke out 1/2 mile form the US Army Bio Weapons Lab in Plum Island New York.

Mad Cow Disease foirst broke out 1/2 mile form the Smoke Stack of the Bio Weapons Lab in England.

These people wish YOU dead, those in the FBI, CIA, ABC Corporations - they wish you dead.

The 3 EBOLA patients being flown across AMerica right now - the aircraft are releasing these Air Borne Diseases into the upper atmosphere.

The Illegal Aliens being flown to ALaska by the SS (DHS) - the aircraft is spreading their diseases into the upper atmosphere.

The 30,000 children the SS (DHS, Zeig Heil) that are very sick they have already placed in Foster Care on YOUR Nickle - will spread all sorts of diseases into these communities.

BRICS Nations - get ready for the Plagues the US Corporation is now spreading around the world. You were warned.
For You Bankstas and Intel Folks:

One last note - the Bankers wills tart dying in greater frequencies. It will continue to increase in frequency until you comply. When you die your soul will go down 12 harmonics into what GOD call Hell.

You missed your 12 June deadline and you have no intention of honoring it - so bend over and kiss you r rears good by. This includes those who tell the Bankstas what to do.

Is that clear enough Pope, Rothchilds, Brazinski, Rockefellars, Chinese Bankstas?

Your lives are on the line now - and your Demon possessed Souls - for all eternity. Please - do no comply.

It will be my great pleasure to finally see you go away forever once and for all - you Bankstas.  So please do not do as GOD has asked you to do. We love the show.

One last note - US Intel - You Gutless WOnders - you are going down, so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come. Expect a hot time n the old town tonight - especially around Fort Detrick and San Diego (In The Air). You have been warned.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Why does the CDC own a patent on Ebola 'invention?' -

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