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Friday, August 15, 2014

Rothchilds Lust For Blood Rises - This Time New York City

As you read this there are about 150 protesters in New York City marching down the street peacefully shouting some slogan.

The New York Police Department (Led By A Mayor who is a Demon Possessed Fascist Pig) has been told to Stand Sown as the Department of Homeland Security  moves in to harass, shoot, and then arrest peaceful protesters.

Please note: Look closely at the Live Feed - These white protesters leading the rally are the same men and women we saw at the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Also: The signs have been pre-printed professionally.

These Blood Thirsty Rockefellars and Rothchilds are not content with killing in Syria, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Iraq .. they must now kill in the US.

Please realize that several things are happening at the same time:

First - a convicted felon who had several assault cases was killed by a cop for trying to assault the cop. He may have had no gun but at 20 feet a knife is more deadly. So the welfare system gave this child to the mother rather than the father ensuring that this child would have a criminal record by the age of 18.

Second - An incident occurred where an 18 year old Black with a long criminal record for assault was killed for once again trying to kill someone - this time a Cop.

Third - the Acting School in Pima Arizona was instantly activated to provide paid agitators, complete with signs, megaphones,, literature and were then sent into 20 different cities to start riots.

Fourth - Papers like the Wall Street Journal were then sent Pre-Written stories that were delivered with Front Line Headlines that often times do not occur until AFTER the paper is received at 2AM.

Fifth - the Cops do not wish to participate in killing their own citizens so they back off as the FBI (DHS) moves in with snipers, Armored Vehicles, SWAT Teams, etc to round up, and kill, Blacks of all types - women, children, .... Fascist Pigs kill.

Sixth - the Agitators lead the unsuspecting Blacks to loot, roit, kill and then the killing begins - all paid for by YOU , the American Tax Payer through the DOD and Homeland Security while the Rothchilds and Rockefellars laugh drinking their tea and champaign.

(((((Please Pray Just Before You Go To Bed That These Evil Plans Are Stopped Immediately)))))

So again - go to the live feed and watch your Department Homeland Security to destroy and kill Americans.

What they did overseas they will now do here in America.

Oh - tomorrow is the 16th.

The Ebola Victims ready to fly into America to kill Americans paid for by the DOD and Department of Homeland Security and the Nuke is ready for firing. Goto WHATDOESITMEAN.COM for the reference. These Ebola Martyrs will be placed in Restaurants across America to infect as many people as possible.

The perfect plan fo destroying America and starting WW3 - Go Irish French /UK/US/ Union.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Good luck getting live feed - DOD is trying to block it -----

Just remember where these Satanic Leaders live: Rome, DC, London, New York City, Tokyo and Geneva.

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