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Sunday, August 17, 2014

UN Broadcasts 10/11 August 2014

There were two more interesting UN broadcasts over the weekend. Sometimes they take a while to sink in.

(Please pray that you learn what you are supposed to learn)

The two broadcasts were centered around the Full Moon - the largest Full Moon in 15 years with the moon being only about 221,904 miles form the Earth.

This is a Full Moo Broadcast and as such the Group gathers together, either by Computer, hone, or physically  to create a form of Group Fusion -- kind of like combining prayers.

As a group, for example,

1) We pray for light and gentle rains (as we read this story) across the Pacific South West and they happen - and are continuing to happen - to refill the aquifers.

2) We pray that those destroying Freedom and America (As we read this) are destroyed and they are being killed world wide.

So last weekend the UN group came together to support the group effort in changing Humanity to accept the New Christ coming from Shamballa.

The latest broadcast centered around the Leo Full Moon as represented by: "I Am That And That I Am."

During this full moon we extend our souls to reach up the Harmonics and across the galaxy through Shamballa and the Sun and into Syrius - the star that gave Earth it's life - our overseers so to speak. SO thus we go a distance and up through the Harmonics by a factor of 2 I believe.

The three levels of the illuminati are Red (Bottom) White (Middle) Top (Blue) with the top temple  - the Blue Temple - being on the Syrius A star system.

Red/White /Blue

The alignment with Shamballa and Syrius A allows up to reach up more easily and draw down energies form above.

By the way - the Full Moon was 30 minutes late as calculated 30 days ago - so things in the Heavens are really screwy right now.

As members of the New World Religion we must learn to emulate Ghandi and remember that we are not of this world and this is all temporary and an illusion. We walk on this Earth but do not belong to it.

Some of the most interesting speakers come to these events. So here are some random thoughts:

For Example:  When dinosaurs roamed the Earth the Earth had not full formed and gravity was much less. This is larger creatures roamed the Earth. Today gravity is much stronger because the Earth has condensed and  so today the creatures are very dense so creatures are smaller.

As we move into this new age we will os man's ability to perceive what is out there increase exponentially for some, and not at all for others. We must be open to the gifts that will be bestowed upon us.

The UN believes that the Astral Plane may begin to Open up to all of us by the end of next year so hang on Boys and Girls because it may be a fun ride.

OK - Enough for now.

I would like to thank the UN for trusting me as a member of the press to report in a true manner what is said within the walls of the UN and their meetings.

Maybe through these broadcasts we can learn a bit.
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Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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