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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Keep Up Your Prayers

Keep up your prayers APFN. We are seeing huge results.

1st) We are seeing clouds over California form Eureka down through California. keep praying that California gets gentle rains over the next month - 1/4 inch per day and continue to pray that the US 60th Air Wing is shut down and can no longer block the rain.

Pray - visualize - that the gentle rains in California come immediately.

We could use some help here Coast To Coast from your listeners.
2nd) We are seeing some rain in the South West.

Continue to pray - Visualize -  for gentle rains all across the American South West.
3rd) The fact that the Fergusen Missouri Case is a False Flag - a Made Up Story - is now all across the internet as the original 911 call was released yet the Main Stream  Media is trying to really hype it up --- their lies just get bolder and bolder.

Adolf Hitler: "Tell a Big lie over and over again and they will believe it."

Continue to pray - Visualize - that these lies by Homeland Security Directors are stopped - that these Cowards at the top are neutralized and become completely confused.
4th) The Bankstas are getting the message as the Bank of America was fined Billions of Dollars ($17 Billion) today by Fast and Furious Eric Holder. Further - the English Banks are so bad they are now issuing Bonds to keep afloat - a last ditch attempt to stay alive. The world is out that all large american Banks are simply cooking the books so foreign investments are drying up.

These Bankstas will do what GOD said to do on 12 June or it will get worse and worse for them every day they avoid this. One of their Mob Bosses in New York City was blown up this morning as he was fueling his boat - Bob Hogan, a retired NYC Captain.

When they realize they are about to be destroyed and then terminated they will capitulate, so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

So keep up your prayers on this front.

Pray - Visualize - that these Banking Leaders become so confused they cannot even speak or go to the bathroom. Focus on London and New York CIty bankers.

When they surrender an do as GOD has directed then APFN will be fully funded.
5th) I have read several stories about New York City shaking today - but then they get pulled so there is no confirmation of these tiny quakes.

So continue to pray - visualize - that new York City shakes - gets a tiny Earthquake - as a message to these Bankstas their time here on Earth is very limited of they do not do as they were told to do 12 June by the Living GOD.
6) Finally - look up.


Look at the Lower Spectrum (Blue) Output. GOD is about to slam Earth with another saeries of Sun Spots. Wake up Bankstas - time os short for you unless you do as GOD has directed. You can run buy you cannot hide. Your allies are going away.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

On a persona note - we really pissed off the Rothchilds and other big Bankstas ---- I have felt dizzy all day.

Keep praying - visualizing - they do as they were told to do by GOD or face total destruction.

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