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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Big Bankers Are Falling - Go APFN

The Head of the IMF is under investigation for a $500 Million dollar Corruption Charge.

(Please Continue to Pray - Focus Hard - : Rain in American Southwest and California, Those "demons" trying to destroy America are given nasty virus while on or near Planet, and the Bankers feel the wrath og GOD until they meet the 12 June Deadline HE set)

APFN - Your prayers are workign. The three stories you are about to read broke yesterday:

1) IMF HEad Is Targeted In French Probe. Apparently rather than handling a very sensitive case Himself, Frances Christine LeGarde (Has an Adams Apple, She is a He) blew off a court case and the courts gave Bernard Tapie about $500 Million Dollars of French Tax Payers Moneys.

These investigations are only the beginning of this for Christine, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come

With the latest French Cabinet  leaving the gates are wide open to investigate where all the money is went.

2) The major US Bank that have Cooked Their Books were also magically "Hacked:" by the Evil Russians right in the middle of Bank Fraud Investigations being conducted by Fast and Furious Eric Holder.

The following Banks can no longer be responsible for these "Banking Errors":  JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, PNC Financial, US Bank Corp, and several other "Un-Named" banks.

3) In an unbelievable move Hypo-Alpioe-Adria-Bank of Austria is going under and will cost the Austrian Tax Payers about $1.6 Trillion Dollars. The fraud uin htis Austrian Govenrment Run Bank is so incredible it is hard to fully comprehend.

On thing is for sure - Many of these bankers will now pay,. The size and scops ois so large that htey will nowt escape either Jail or death.

These bank failures will now reach world wide, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

They were warned - they missed the 12 June deadline. Now it is payback in GOD's eyes.
As a side note - I have a friend who works in a Bank Headquarters. The presence of bank investigators and FBI is so think one can get sick from their smell. SO how can a Bank run by the Austrian Government, with thousands of Government regulators scattered throughout the bank, not know?

The Austrian Political Structure obviously wanted this bank to fail.

European Bankers: GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED


Is that perfectly clear Chris Legarde?
For you Intel Geeks:

1) When a bank lends money the money is created out of thin air. So when you borrow $200,000 that money is created.

20 The bank then sells your $200,000 loan for $180,000 and the $200,000 loan is  then re-invested in, say, Oppenheimer.

3) Oppenmheimer then reinvests the $180,000 debt into Piooneer Mutual Finds,m which then reinvests it into Templeton Mutual Funds, which then reinvests it into Oppenheimer and then into .....

4) By the time your loan is reinvested Bllions of Dollars of Debt has bee created and we call this debt "Money."

5) What happens when the chain investment is broken - like a Major Government Austrian Bank comes tumbling down?

6) What happens when a major nation like Argentina refuses to pay on it's debt notes to these Bakstas and if you they to kill their leaders they will kill your leaders?

7) Allot of dead bankers and politicians and World War Three - we all die.

8) You die, your sons and fathers die, your wives and mothers die, your children and grandchildren die.

9) You Idiots missed the 12 June deadline and now your system is coming apart at the seems and:  All of your Masters Horses and all your Masters Men can't put the Financial System Back together Again.

10) Only GOD can and you are too cowardly to go there, arn't you?

The New You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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