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Monday, August 18, 2014

Main Stream Media Lies Again And Again

The main stream media lies over and over again.

(Please pray that these liars are shut down completely immediately)

We will focus on the Wall Street Journal - a Main Stream Media Center Piece.

Today they had 2 main articles on their front page.

1) First: Kurds Push To Take Key Dam. Look very closely at this story - especially the pictures. The Vehicles being driven there were purchased using Your Tax Payer Dollars. The uniforms are the US Made BDU OUtfits (Pickle Suits) and the Bullet Proof Vests are the same that you find in the US Army Clothing Sales Store.

Your dollars funded this New Kurdish Nation. The DOD will have the New Middle East over YOUR dead bodies.

So while the US is giving guns to the Drug Dealers all over the world and to the Kurds they are trying to take yours away.

2) The second story is about the shooting of an 18 year old Black Man in Fergusen. As we heard in the video the last time we reported here (And On APFN)  the entire story is made up. This time it was the DHS that made this up.

It was supposed to go along with the shooting of President Obama at Martha VIneyards 16 August 2014 but the CIA was found out and their shooters stood down while President Obama ran for the White house underground shelters. (GOD was right again)

So those who are being paid to start the riots out of Pima, Arizona were foiled again by the Living GOD.

So go ahead - tern on your TV, read the paper - but ask yourself --- how much of this is a lie?

Why would you continually fill your mind with lies?
For you intel geeks:

Here we go again - more attempts top start WW3.  You have all the money but none of the brains.

Your convoy of 11 vehicles in Northern Paris  (France) to transport  Muslim Nutcases into the US as Ebola Carriers to be  sent to restaurants to work was disrupted last a few hours ago despite the fact that a Saudi Prince was leading the convoy - too bad, too sad, touche.

These infected idiots were headed to DC and beyond.

"Gee Whilakers Batman" - 16 August (+- 3 days). GOD was right again.

As a point in fact: A Prince is not a carrier of a Royal Passport (starts with an aa)and has NO Royal Prerogative - they must be a King, Queen, Duke, Count, Earl or Baron. The False Catholic Knights of Malta carrier a special passport that most consider "Semi-Diplomatic."

An Ambassador holds a Diplomatic Passport. Inside is a passport on one side and a badge on the other - usually. I did not want to carry a large metal badge so I left it out.

An Embassy Worker holds a Service Passport with an S on the outside.

A Banksta travels outside the normal diplomatic channels.

Kurds, With U.S. Aid, Push to Take Mosul Dam - WSJ

Obama Oversees Brazen Paris Convoy Attack Against Saudi Prince
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

APFN - Three More Bankstas Bite The Dust - Go 000000

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