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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Poland Mobilizes For War

Poland gave the orders to mobilize for war about 12 hours ago.

Russia gave orders to Mobilize 46 hours ago.

(Please Pray That Eastern European Leaders Really Listen and Do As GOD Asks)

In the last few days as President Obama ordered US troops into the Ukraine to kill Ukrainians and Russians and the US Corporate Air Force to bomb Iraq as the world mobilizes for a full scale war.

Our troops spend 20 years in Iraq and build up lasting friendships and rebuild a nation we utterly destroyed and then a Nut Case like President Obama and Erectile Disfunction General Dempsey (Chief of Staff) orders the US to bomb Iraq while we still have US troops there protecting arms shipments to the Kurds. These leaders like Obama and Dempsey are Murdering Nutcases - Off Their Rocker, Absolutely and Completely Utterly Insane and no one in hte military seems man enough to stop these Fascist Pigs.

We stopped them in 1945, we can stop them again.

I am urging the leaders of Eastern Europe to rethink your full scale mobilization.

A Full scale War will mean the deaths of YOU and your people.

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldov, Bellarus - you have always been run over by the major powers in World Wars and your leaders killed. The presence of US troops and missiles in your countries make you a target for the 177 BRIC nations.

This war is not about you - it is about the expansion of English Fascist Power - the 4th Reich centered in Rome and run out of London.

May I suggest you work with the BRIC nations rather than antagonize them.

OK - the Former Soviet Economic Block can never form as long as The Blessings of Russia reside in the United States - but you can come to an agreement to work with the BRIC Nations, can't you?

Think about it - Norway and Sweden were allies of Hitler and are now staging weapons for the US War Machine.

Remember - the IMF owns the US Corporation and thus funds the Department of Defense.

The IMF is located in London, not DC.

President Obama and his 6 doubles are mere Puppets, Marionettes, controlled by the IMF.

You are not at war with the American People, or the Russian People, or even the English People. You are at war with those who lead the IMF.

Eastern European Leaders - Man Up - face your real enemies. Face the people who run the Fourth Reich and destroy "Zeig Heil"once and for all.

Remember the symbols of Fascism - they are on the walls of the Hermitage. Go there and ask GOD to show you. Then look up and see the 14 foot high Roman Chariot on top of the building - the Legal Home of the Roman Empire. Under this building in an ancient chamber are the papers that confirm this statement. When it is time they will be revealed, or not.

Poland - Stand Down.

Bellarus - Stand Down.

With the help of dozens of Intel Agencies around the world we have stopped this US Formented War for 7 years now.

We can no longer stop this war without your assistance. When the US Corporation again pushes for Nuclear War through a False Flag 17 August do not fall for it. At this time their Intel Agencies are so fragmented their plans are in shambles - but they know they must have a False Flag on 17 August (+- 3 Days).

I recently spoke with a Buddhist Master and they saw a Nuclear Missile flying into New York City and they permanent War work wide after that for hundreds of years. Brothers killing fathers, Mothers killing their children. No time frame was given, just one of many visions we can stop.

Gentleman - stop this madness before GOD does. You will not like HIS methods.

Work with Russia - with with their Economic Council and their military.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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