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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Follow The Money In The Ukraine War

Follow the money in the Ukraine and you will know why the US is killing thousands there - money for lives.

(Please Pray For The Banksta To Leave Planet Earth Immeidately)

If one follows the money one can always determine  why people are killed - especially by the United States corporation. The US Department of Defense now works directly for the IMF - USC 5, Sec 101-105.

So why did the DOD start killing people in the Ukraine - what could the IMF gain from this little murder spree?

When President Yushenko was in the Ukriane he was a pretty honest guy compared to most politicians. Unfortunately he was ousted by President Yanakovick - a "Pro Russian " who had been convicted of First Degree Murder and released by the Ukrianian Government to run his Political Party.

WHen I was there the three leaders of hte opposong parties (Orange, Blue and Yellow) sat in hten President Yuchenko's Office drinking tea and watching hte protests in hte street. They all sort of hung together.

Then President Yanakovich won and President Yushenko sort of - dies rather suddenly. You cannot negotiate with murders and Socialists Pigs.

A Man was appointed as Director of the Ukrainian Bank - Borys "Pryk"hadko and over the last few years $37 Billion ion loans and $60 Billion in cash just sort of went away. Borys was detained because they caught him with $170 Million in his own personal bank accounts - that was placed there by hte IMF so to hold him as the Scape Goat of the $107,000,000 the IMF looted form the Bank of the Ukraine.

Remember - the Rothchild's SWIFT accounts track all money transfers worldwide - so they know exactly where the money is. It is sitting in the accounts of those who work with the IMF.

So not only does the Ukraine owe $18 Billion to a Russian Natural Gas Company (Gas Prom), they now owe $10 Billion for the US involvement in this war, and they owe another $97 Billion because the IMF looted the Bank of the Ukraine.

In addition, the Ukraine Central Government will have to pay each hospital $4,000 to issue a Birth Certificate for every child and an addition amount to put a Computer Chip in each baby like they now do in the Euro Nations do. At say - 1 million babies per year - they will have to fork out about $6 Billion per year just to the hospitals.

This $107 Billion to London, and $18 Billion to Russia's Gas Prom, (Total $125 Billion) will have an interest rate of about 10% and they will pay about $11 Billion per year for these "Loans."

The moneys will be paid to, and through, the IMF and Bank of London of course.

Thus to pay off these loans in ten years the Ukrainian Government must pay the London Bankstas about $22 Billion Per Year and the Russian Gas Company $4 Billion per year = $26 Billion Per Year.

The Ukrainian GDP is about $300 Billion this year and the Federal Budget is around $25 Billion.

So how does a nation with a Federal Budget of $25 Billion per year pay an additional $26 Billion Per Year?

Double It's Federal Taxes - it's called slavery - Zeig Heil. Bow to your Fascist Masters in London.

So - knowing all of this - what do you suppose will happen to the  Banksta Borys "Pryk"hadko for this rape of the Ukrainian Bank?

Another Banksta Bites The Dust - 12 June Baby. The longer you wait - the more of you that die.

Consider this: Just across the street form  the Bank of Ukraine is a statue of an Angel of God and on top of the hill above the central Ukraine Bank lies a huge Russian Orthodox Church of GOD.
I remember sitting in a private residence with a Great Engineer and a former Ukrainian Minister living on about $1,000 a month (He Was Honest) and I toasted the Ukrainian Dollar. The Former Minister laughed and spat saying: Our dollar fell in 1918, it fell in 1945, it fell in 1990, and it will fall again soon.

He was right.
Riddle Me This: Do you not think that when the US Bombs a nation and kills it's people it does not then have the IMF charge that nation for these costs?

So do you not think Libyan Oil and Iraqi Oil Moneys are not being diverted to the IMF for these wars?

So you in England, France and America pay for these bombs and send your sons and daughters to die overseas, the IMF then charges these nations for these bombings and then for the rebuilding of the infrastructure they just destroyed.

The real question is - how many times can we bomb the same cities in Iraq - like Faluja - re-build it, and re-bomb it, then rebuild it before the people wake up?

You pay and your sons and daughters die while the Bankstas get richer and richer?

Why do you thing 177 nations have signed the BRICS treaties - including Germany?

They are tired of these War Mongers.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William B. Mount

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