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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's Payback

It's Payback Lucifer and you minions of creeps who follow him.

APFN - your prayers(Visualizations) are working. All across tthe American South West there are thundershowers. Continue to pray for more rain in these areas - Gentle Rain.

(((((Pray that the ruling families who run Planet Earth are completely destroyed immediately - either killed or driven from Planet Earth. We do not need them any more. It is time they left.)))))

Here are the Illuminati Ruling families

1) Rothchilds Baurs Form Frankfurt, Germany) - Pindar - the Head, manages money for the Vatican
2) Bruce
3) Cavendish (Kennedy) I believe Obama is a Kennedy
4) De Medici
5) Hannover
6) Hapsburg
7) Krupp
8) Plantagenet
9) Rockefallar
10) Romanov - President Putin is Romanov
11) Sinclait (St Clair)
12) Warburg (del Banco)
13) Windsor Saxe - Coburg - Gothe)

Now for some history:

Switzerland was set up so that these Illuminated Families could hide their money form the world and continue with their evil deeds.

America was established to be their military wing. The Manifest Destiny woudl allow this Ruling Class to consolidate their power.

Remember - England gave itself to the Roman Pope in 1213 when King James gave ALL of England's Assets to the Roman Emperor - the Pope. Two years later the Magna Carta was signed but since all land belonged to the Roman Emperor (Pope) it was a meaningless document.

In 1604 England established the Virginia Charter and claimed all of north america for itself, of course - this meant it belonged to Rome.

In 1776 america declared it's independence - which lasted all the way until 1783 when Benjamin Franklin illegally signed hte Treaty of 1783, giving the country back to England. America was free for - what - 7 years?

In 1789 the US Constitution was signed - a document on how to run and English Colony.

Between 1861-1865 America had a Civil War and the Illegal Constitutional Amendments passed during this time made ALL US Citizens Slaves - The Best Slaves Are Those Who Think Themselves Free.

In 1871 the Organic COnstitution was signed and the united states of America representatives either signed on to the US COrporation of were killed by the Union Armies.

On 14 July 1944 the US Corporation came under redevelopment by the newly formed IMF.

1) William Mount is an American, and neither stands under now understands the English Legal System

2) WILLIAM MOUNT is a US Corporate Slave
OK - Enough for now.

Suffice it to say - YOU are a slave to the US Corporation and we need to pray that these ruling families are destroyed immediately.

Pray hard America - our lives depend on it.

Tomorrow we may discuss current efforts of world  Depopulation and Destruction now being put forth by these ruling families.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Just keep in mind: Operation Devolution: Continuity of Government After the entire workd has been depopulated above ground.

By the way - I voted for the legalization of Marijuana but I do not condone it's use. The government has no right to control this substance but I will not now, nor do I plan to in the future, use any narcotics or alcohol. Things can change though.

I know someone too stupid to eat Sea Weed who had cancer and smoke Dope Daily - in fact, I know two people like this. Marijuana is called DOPE for a reason but it is YOUR choice to use it not some US Corporate Employee telling you what you can and can't do in YOUR country. They can go to He**

A Final Note to Pres Putin: GOD is not kidding about Russia's Blessings. You will learn soon. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

Selected excerpts from: Blue Blood, True Blood, Conflict and Creation - 2

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