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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Run Away, Obama, Run Away

"Run Away, Obama, Run Away! Its vicious - its a rabbit and it has fangs! Prepare the Holy Grenade of Antioch." - See the movie: Monty Pithon and the Holy Grail.

(Please pray that his superiors can do no more harm to America and the world)

This is a great time to get away from New York and DC. With all the efforts the IMF has put into warning us about the actions against these two cities on the 16th (+-3 days) of this month is it no wonder he has gone and run away like a Cowardice Little Child?

His chiefs in the DOD will also run away from the Pentagon for the same reasons - cowards.

You in the US military fight for blithering Corporate Cowards in the Pentagon and the White House.

So here is what the Rothchilds have planned to start this new war: 14 August a team of CIA (I Mean White Supremists, or Islamic Extremists, Whatever.....) plan to shoot an Obama Double at Martha Vineyards on 14 August. Two days later two things are planned: A Plane lands in DC with the Plague of some type - likely Ebola - and a nuclear missile is planned to be launched  at New York City - a very large Nuke.

Look specifically at planes coming into France and maybe Berlin with numbers like: 17, 50, 369 - or 777, 888 ---- odd sequences these Rothchilds targeted to carry Ebola.

Keep in mind we have the cure.

I suppose if I had two CIA shooters after me, a Nuclear missile and a Plague I might think twice about staying in town but then - I do not command the DOD.

Oh Yea - USC 5, Sec 101-105 - The IMF (Rothchilds) command the DOD, I forgot.

This is the IMF's last chance to spare their mighty Roman Empire. The bankers of the BRIC Nations plan on drying up the IMF and thus interest rates should begin to rise in September - but since they are pre-set by the Rothchilds Banking System in London we shall see what happens.

I had no idea the Rothchilds controlled Nukes directly form their banking head quarters - wow. 

In the mean time Russia has had at least a dozen long range bomber incursions over the Pacific North West in the last Month and the US DOD and our Coward and Chief ED General Dempsey has done nothing to stop these incursions, nor has President Obama.

So I suppose we are ripe for destruction.

If foreign Intel Agencies  and their militaries do nothing for about 1 week we could have a dead President's Double, New York City will be gone, and Dc will be locked down for an Ebola Outbreak as the USAF 60th Air Wing again sprays this city with a very powerful disease - Ebola ans CRE.

Then we can have a complete Nuclear War just like the Rothchilds Banking System has been ordered to do by the Roman Pope and the Great Ahseron White Spirits.
For You Intel Geeks - 6 Zeroes Strikes Again

There is a Nigerian Congressman who invited a certain high ranking Nigerian Banksta over to his place last night. They got a little Friskie and she cut his private parts off with a knife. The Congressman bled to death. The official story is that the Congressman began bleeding from the mouth and died in the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waste - yeah, right. Why would he wrap his private parts with a towel if he was throwing up blood?

The certain Banksta is being held on charges of murder. So what do you suppose some Muslim Judge will do to this female Banksta?

Another Banksta bites the dust. 12 June and you missed it. The longer you wait the more Bankstas that will die.

Who's Next?
The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

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