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Sunday, August 31, 2014

APFN - Direct Hit Update1

Great Job APFN readers. Form the comforts of your homes you are changing the world.

1) Continue to Pray for - Visualize - Gentle Rain in California and the American Southwest.

It is gently  raining from Oklahoma through Texas, Up to Montana and down into California. Gentle Rains. rains that will not only feed the growing plants for food but recharge our Aqueducts.

2) Continue to pray - Visualize - for the destruction of those who are trying to destroy the Earth and America and that theior demns are made sick ifthtey are near, or on, planet Earth.

It appears that the Bankstas have chosen death over life.

In an odd accident the Banksta who ran the Merrill Lynch/ Bank of AMerica office in London was killed in a freak accident during an Iron Man competition and we are only hearing about it today. Robert Evans was competing in a Bicycle Race when his bicycle hit a rock and then he fell, hitting his head on another rock that killed him.

Kind of suspicious in that he had a very expensive helmet on?

He died mysteriously in the Ambulance. All videos and references to the accident were erased except this White Washed Version.

You can expect allot of Hollywood Elites to go into Comas as the Demons that inhabit them leave because they are getting sick being on, or near. Planet Earth. IE: Liberal Icon Joan Rivers is presently in a comas.

Robin Williams was not one of these bad Liberals - he was just given a life sentence because he was told he had Terminal Cancer. Last year I tried to reach him and tell him how to cure it but I could not get through. IE: APFN THE CRUE FOR CANCER UPDATE 4
The Secret Government: Funded by the Federal Reserve System - Your Tax Dollars:

It consists of about 2,000 emotionless people who wish a planet of about 500 Million slaves to serve them.

Way back in the 1800s the Rothchilds formed the ROUND TABLE to run the world's Financial systems

They then send out representatives to form Regional ROUND TABLEs around the world. One of the Indian ROUND TABLE members ran for president of the Theosophical Society this year. He was on the Ballot.

These Round Table members run the Worlds Central Banks - and yes - China and Russia have a Central Bank that answers to the Rothchilds.

In 1920, in order to  control International Politics the English then formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs - RIIA.

In 1921 the US Corporation formed the Council of Foreign Relations - the one Hillary references as her bosses in her speeches.

In 1954 the European Industrialists chosen by the Rothchilds (Lucifer) began meeting in the Bilderberg Group Hotel ad is thus called the Bildeberg Group. They are, however, a collection of the ROUND TABLEs of Europe.

In 1972-73 the Trilateral Commission was formed by David Rockefellar and Zignew Brazinski. It's purpose was to coordinate activities between Europe and the US Corporation.

Many of these people can be seen if you type in: "Wikipedia Royal Order Of The Garter."

Please begin to Pray - Visualize - that those Demons that possess these people, and the Master Computer linking all of these people together, get very sick as long as they are here on Planet Earth.

Please also pray - visualize - that these 2,000 people get so sick they cannot function until they do as GOD has directed on 12 June 2014.

Remember - when you pray your thoughts go out for 1,000 years. They cannot be stopped by even Lucifer himself.
One last request - a very important one:

Pray - Visualize - that there is Peace in the Ukraine and Syria and that the Rothchilds and Rockefellars are stopped from starting WW3 and instead of us that they themselves are destroyed in the process along with their allies.

Pray also - Visualize - that this is published around the world when it fails.

The US Corporation  has ordered 10,000 NATO troops to the boarder of Ukraine and Russia in an attempt to start a war with Russia. Russia has responded with the comment that this looks allot like Hitler's Invasion of the Ukraine in WW2.

I believe they will again try another BIG 9/11 this year because it is the 13th Anniversary of 9/11/2001 and as their financial system comes down they are desperate for War. For the first time in history Federal Reserve Interest Rates are below expected Growth Rates - signaling huge changes they cannot control.

Sometime between 14 and 17 (Seven) September they will again try and launch a assassination against an President Obama and Putin Doubles and nuke a few cities (DC, 2 more yet undetermined, and one just East of Moscow a couple of hundred miles - a sitting duck)  - claiming it was the "Evil Russians and Iranians" - and begin throwing Nukes around - WW3.

The US Corporation intends to send 7 Carrier Groups and 77 Submarines to surround Russia on, or near, 17 September 2014. There should be around 77,000 US troops in Europe at this time.

The full moon is on the 7th/8th this month so these folks may try to do this 7 September if they can get over 7,000 NATO troops in the Ukraine by then.

Too Much Info (TMI)
The news You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Great writing PS Post, please come back Will And Charles.

One last note: There is a huge class Action Law Suit alleging Benicar causes Ciliac DIsease Symptoms We have  a friend who just changed drugs and her Ciliac DIsease magically went away.  Here is the reference:


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