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Monday, September 1, 2014

US Senate Report On Bio/Chem Weapons Exported To Iraq

Page 14: US National Security Council Memorandum For African Genocide

(((Pray that those who are pushing for World Wart 3 and war in the Ukraine and Syria get violently sick and remain so until they either leave Planet Earth.)))

The US Senate Report was found by going to: Pakalert Press: HIV/AIDS: US Government Bio-Weapons For Global Depopulation.

The US Senate Report is called:

US and Chemical and Biological Warfare Related Dual Use Exports to Iraq And Their Possible Impact On The Health Consequences Of The Persian Gulf.

Date: 25 May 1994

Author: Senator Donald M Reigle, Jr and Alfanse M D'amato

All attempts to access tis report will be blocked - so be persistent is you want into this report.

Most of my different Search Engines crashed while accessing this report.

Joyce Riley of Gulf War Vets may have it available for you

She and her husband do a radio show:  Power Hour

Again: You may have to type this in by hand.

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Captain Joyce Riley:

American Gulfwar Veterans Association

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