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Friday, September 19, 2014

Fraud Leaves A Trail - This Time, Scotland

There is always a trail when Fraud and murder are committed. This time the Fraud was committed in Scotland.

(Please continue to Visualize (Pray For):
1) Rain in the South western US, Including California
2) Those who will not meet the 12 June Deadline Set By GOD vanish from the Earth Immediately and continue to do so until they meet this goal. This is the fastest way to destroy those who are the Illuminati. Force them in Prayer to do as GOD directs or disappear permanently.
3) A Real Vote in Scotland - that the Scottisnh People rise up and demand a REAL vote immediately
4) Peace in Ukraine and Syria.

Back to Scotland. Just before the vote a poll was taken and the results among all voters ranged from 75% Yes to 63% yes days before th eelection.

Then before the polls opened (7AM Scotland Time) an article was published in the English Times (18 September) that stated the end results of the voting; 55% No, 45% Yes.

The article was titled: Scotland's Voting on Independence Has Ended...We Await The Results.

After we posted our article last night this article vanished - and now only exists on hte websites of those who grabbed it - but the message was clear - Fraud and a pre-set vote.

But it was saved in China:

 English Times: Scotland's Voting On Independence Has Ended...We Await results - Google 搜索

It was enough though - we broke the story early enough that the and the Russians sent in people with Video Cameras to tape the fraud.

There are dozens of other reports now surfacing about the Voting Fraud in Scotland favoring the NO Vote.

We all have a Cell Phones
Fraud and Murder always leaves a trail.

1) Pearl Harbor - The Honolulu Tribune 7 days before the bombing: "Pearl Harbor To Be Bombed by the Japanese In 7 Days"

2) Kennedy Assassination: I heard 3 shots, then suddenly there was only 1 shot and then the Chief Jesuit General cum outlined the murder by name of who killed Kennedy and why.

3) Waco Texas - we sent in an M-60 tank to blow up hte nursery. It was on TV. CLinton ordered them dead - Murder.

4) 9/11: Building 7, the planes with no windows - the list goes on and on.

5) Oklahoma City: The FBI and BATF arrived on scene 30 minutes after the explosion in Full riot Gear - their gear was stored upstairs in the building and it takes 30 minutes to put on the gear.

6) Sandy Hook ELementary School - the picture of the children being led out of the school - the sidewalk and Tar Repair Marks in it. The Aerial Photo showed no side walks, no tar repair and no bullet homes in the school.

7) Aurora Colorado -: No Bullet Holes

8) ISIS: Israel Secret Intelligence Service and the Great Muslim Calif is a Jewish Mossad Agent.

9) Ukraine: US State Department says they set aside $5 Billion of YOUR dollars to kkill hte last President and create a ring of war.

The list goes on and on. Murder, Molestation, Fraud, Theft, Destruction..............

Individually i you discuss any of those things above you are a conspiracy nut.

Combined it paints a Picture doesn't it?

The picture is that the US Corporation (USC2, Sec 286) is one evil, murdering entity run by the Rothchilds and the Roman Pope and we need to continue to Visualize (Pray That) they and theirs get off this planet immediately. We do not need them - Humanity HAS come to age.
Lucifer: Pay what you owe in accordance with the 12 June deadline set by GOD and you will live when you leave or bend over and prepare to be wiped off the face of the Universe, so says the I AM That I Am, who was and is and is to come. GOD Says: There is no other way. The longer you delay the more of you that will vanish - permanently. You have NO souls so when you die that is it. You go poof!
The News You Need To Hear

Dr William B. Mount

Go To: "" to the stories at the following times and you will reference the voting fraud:




Sorry - but I barely have internet and it s hard to referecee these.

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