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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

EBOLA Outbreak Is Caused By Poisoned Wells- False Flag

The Entire Ebola Outbreak is a False Flag - Being caused by poisoned wells and poisoned local water sources. This is the biggest False Flag Yet.

(((((Continue to pray for gentle rain in the South west US, and that those who would lie and murder are permanently run off of Planet Earth.)))))

This is correct - a Huge False Flag to start World War 3.

1) If you read Sorcha you will have read an article where the US Corporation under Obama is allowing Monsanto to use a Lead /arsenic based pesticide all across this nation. This pesticide is causing what appears to b a "Polio Outbreak." This outbreak only occurs in hth areas sprayed with this pesticide.

2) On 4 August Unicef helped capture a man in Lofa County, Liberia that was injecting a poison into local wells and all who drank from these wells was poisoned. The man told local police there are 250 armer men traveling around with Syringes that will poison the wells. and mock Ebola through a special poison.

The Funding for this came from ---- are you ready ---- the IMF through US and Saudi Embassies.

See article: "Ebola Outbreak Madness! Armed Liberians Poison Wells Killing Villagers Under Pretext Of Epidemic", published 6 August 2014.

This is the biggest hoax perpetrated upon the world yet - and by tomorrow morning the BRIC nations will be furious - so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is ad is to come.

Pray hard - visualize - that those who are perpetrating this false flag top start WW3 vanish opff this planet immediately.

The rotten  UN leaders know this and are perpetrating this lie on us to start this war.

We need a new UN in Astana Immediately.
The News You Need To Know

Dr William B. Mount

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