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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Empire Is Falling

The Empire Is Falling and it is likely to change into something we do not like.

(((Please continue to Pray For Visualize
a) Gentle Rains in the US SouthWest, It is still raining there.
b) Those etheric beings that would do Freedom and Planet Earth, to leave forever.
c) Those physical beings here on Earth stop destroying Freedom and Planet Earth.
d) The US/English Bankers meet the 12 June deadline before they are all killed)))

About 1,000 years ago the Holy German Empire was formed and became the protectors of the Holy Roman Empire. In 963 the Germans took over the reins Rome and for the next 850 years the leaders of the Roman Empire were all  from Germany with the primary Wealth and Banking System being held in Frankfurt, Germany.

In the early 1700s the Bauers (Rothchilds) moved much of their banking system to Germany as the German Kings then began to rule mighty old England.

In the treaty Of 1783 the united states of America gave their treasury to the English Crown (who in 1203 had signed all they owned over to the Roman Pope). The Newly Fred Americans became slaves of the Roman Pope.

In 1815, days after the Defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo,  the n"Rothchilds" consolidated their wealth in the Bank of England and became the "Treasurers" of the English Empire - they owned it Lock, Stock and Barrel.

With the Organic Constitution 1871 the "united states of America" was killed and replaced by the Corporation of the United States  - owned primarily (54.5%) by the Rothchilds. Literally - the leaders that did not comply were killed by these filthy beasts named the Rothchilds.

In 1944 (July 14th)  under the Bretton Woods Agreement the English Bank created the IMF and the United States became under the laws of "Redevelopment" solely owned by the IMF - which os again 54.5% owned by David Rothchilds - USC 2, Sec 283, US Senate Report 93-549.

For about 300 years these Evil Creeps have used English and American Blood to build their empire and now that the wealth has been fully stripped they are leaving America and England and returning back to Frankfurt - leaving America and England to fall. Evidence of this is found:

1) The SEC (English Owned Corporation) is now surveying different Mutual Funds to see what would happen is Interest Rates rose dramatically and several major banks failed. Of course - the America and English Bankers would then be killed. See the Wall Street Journal today.

 Dead men tell no tales.

2) The European banks, in a desperate attempt to save themselves, are again moving to inject the worthless Euro into banks - allowing these bonds to be turned into cash and disrtibuted among the very wealthy --- the  Trickle Down" theory. See the Wall Street Journal today.

3) The Federal Reserve is now forcing Major Banks, States, Counties and Cities to convert their savings into Federal Reserve Bonds and seize their Stocks and Bonds. again - Wall Street Journal Today.

4) The plan here is to default on their Bonds and then as interest rates sky rocket negotiate to pay their lein holders 0 - 1% return while real rates go above 12%+ and inflation hits 30% and Federal Gas Taxes rise $1.00 per gallon.

5) The White Dragon Society - a very powerful Alien Race - has asked China to stop funding the US Corporation as of 1 October. When this happens there are only 5 contractual obligations the US Corporation must honor or it's leaders must be killed - see Contractual Law. These are:

a) Provide for an Army and Navy - the Air Force is part of the Army.
b) Pay for retired soldiers and sailors and for physically injured soldiers (Vets).
c) Veterans Pension.
d) Social Security for Retired Americans who paid into the system
e) Social Security Payers who were Physically Injured on the job
f) There must be placed a heavy burden on the Army to completely destroy those who create monopolies, those who Frak, Heavily Pollute, Make and distribute Poisonous Foods (GMOs) and hold back alternate energy source like the Tacheon Generators, Water Powered Motors, The N-1 Generators, Wood Powered Generators.... Already 22% of the worlds energy comes from renewable resources not including Dams.

 6) The States must pay for an Army to defend it's state - it's National Guard.

7) The counties must pay for roads and a local Police Department and Fire Departments

8) The cities must pay for roads and sewers and a local fire and Police Department.

State and Federal Forests, National Parks, National Monuments and other such entities  must pay for themselves like they did in the 1970s before Affirmative Action destroyed this abilities to be self sustaining. In other word s- Affirmative Action Hirees must be terminated immediately and Real Foresters with Real 4 year degrees put in their place.

Property taxes must become illegal and any other local services must be provided by municipalities - private corporations.

All else would violate both the Constitution and Contractual Law and again, out of the necessity of the laws, lead to the deaths of those who would counter these contractual obligations. Work camps would be preferable to death - it is a choice but they must be removed.

When this Empire does begin to fall, when we see the devaluing of the dollar world wide,  to do anything else would mean Marshal Law and World War 3 ------- Adama, Marduk, Mars, Earth.

Let us continue to pray, visualize, that these goals are met as the dollar unwinds and we regain our footing in the world as a Nation - the united states of America -  not a corporation.

1) CIA: You Cannot kill the Gay Boy in the White House on the 17th - sorry. You can arrest this president and his Drag Queen  for treason but you cannot kill either of them. Those in his cabinet setting up this next assassination attempt will be stopped.

2) CIA/Naval Intel Out Of Norfolk: You cannot Nuke any more cites - like Chicago or Jersey City on 17 September - this is being stopped as we speak.

3) CIA: You cannot throw planes into Paris, New York, San Francisco, Salt Lake, Altanta, Rome, Madrid, Hanover, and 6 other cities in 3 days - containing Nuke Dirty Bombs and several diseases - you have been found out by someone way high up on the Galactic Food Chain.

Intel Geeks: Let me ask you this. I have a dozen titles - mostly  diplomatic and much higher than Congressman or Senators - and yet I expose allot of stuff. I am only Flesh and Blood yet someone way high up in this Galactic Food Chain obviously wants me around - allot more powerful than your boss Loozifer or this story would not have been printed.


Do you not think it Prudent - Wise - to listen to HIM?

You will meet the 12 June 2014 goals or you will see lots of death in YOUR ranks starting now.

Does GOD make HIMSELF perfectly clear?
The News You Are Not Supposed To See

Dr William B. Mount

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