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Saturday, September 27, 2014

If You Tell a Lie Tell It Often

Adolf Hitler: If you tell a lie tell it often and people will believe it.

(((Continue to Pray For (Visualize)
1) Gentle Rains in California and the American South West
2) The Evil on this planet who force vaccinations, GMO Foods, Poison our water, Poison our food - that they become completely immobilized and unable to acct and then leave this planet forever)))

What we are about to see is another lie by a Main Stream Media Outlet - this time the Wall Street Journal.

On 25 September the Wall Street Journal published the story: "Obama Presses World To Act Against Islamic State"

Scroll down the article until you get to the picture of those marching and focus on the US Special Forces guy leading the Parade on the left middle of the picture. Please note that these are people living in the middle of the desert where you cannot make huge signs, flags, or embossed patches for a Base Ball Cap - -- it is a barren desert.

Please note:

1) He has a Base Ball Cap with an embroidered patch
2) He has on M577 Shoes - very expensive even for a worker there. Where does a guy making $10 a day get $150 to buy them?
3) He has Jewelry on - a huge hunking ring and a watch, a vest and no gun.
4) He looks surprised as heck someone took his picture.
5) Now look at the signs and flags again - they are not dirty. they live in a desert and thee signs and flags are brand new.

The Iraquis are all wearing sandles, hte American Plants have Base Ball Caps, Expensive shoes, Backpacks.

You cannot buy these items in Bagdad, or Damascus, or even Kiev. You need to go to Moscow, a US Military Base (AAFES) in Europe or the US.

Any US military Base or Russian Store wold raise holy heck if these signs and hats were made there - so - since all 60 ISIS leaders (All US Citizens) are now in New York guess where they got these items?

The News You Need

 Dr William B. Mount

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