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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Peace Breaks Out In Ukraine

While you were praying for Peace in the Ukraine last night President Poroshenko of the Ukraine was putting forth a Peace Proposal and then signed it. The Peace Plan gives Crimea and the Donesk region (SE Ukraine) of the Ukraine Special Status as they are integrated back into Russia.

(((((Please continue to pray for - Visualize:
1) Rain in California. as you read this it is raining in Norhtern California
2) California 9th Circuit Federal Courts goes away and the river water of hte Sacramento River is re-diverted to Southern California to Feed The World.
3) Rain in South West America - its raining.
4) Peace in the Ukraine. The US is still trying to get NATO to kill Ukrainians and no one is buying it. Yeah.
5) Finally - peace in Syria. as you read this the US is still trying to kill Syrians and now proposes sending in huge land forces into Iraq and going into Syria that way. Pray they fail miserably.)))))

What you are about to read is true and just happened at my mailbox and effects you directly.
My neighbor Joe was a mechanic all life and rose to Service Manager for a large car dealership and retired about 9 months ago.

Joe is neither stupid nor lazy. He and his wife have worked all their lives and lived in hte same house and neighborhood for over 35 years in a rather small 2 bedroom house.

These folks are the salt of the Earth.

Joe came out to the mailbox to get his mail and I Said Hi. We began some small talk.

I then told Joe we had a lot of readers and we were prying for Peace in the Ukraine and as we were doing it President Poroshenko signed a Peace Treaty with Russia.

He said: "Great, Peace in the Ukraine."

Then I told him we were praying for Peace in Syria and all the Neighboring Nations are denying US air space to bomb Syria - we will have peace there once again.

My neighbor then started screaming at me that we have to kill ISIS and we need to go into Syria and bomb ISIS and kill, kill, kill .....

His arms started waving and his face turned red - he began yelling about the beheadings and killing and ---- he became incoherrent.

Whatever  I said from this point forward was irrelevant because I did not want War.

It was Bizaar and like a scene out of Alice's Restaurant - the Group "W" Bench when nuts all started jumping up and down yelling "I Wannt Kill, Kill, Kill."

He left yelling about how we have to go into Syria and I was a fool to pray for peace.

The unfortunate part is this is how most American's feel. They parrot whatever they are told on TV.

Be careful out there. Between the water, air and food and TV America is getting dumber and Dumber - they are almost like Zombies now.

If we are ever going to change America we must first chance the media.
----------          ----------
For You Intel Geeks

1) The Iraqi Ambassador to the Ukraine told the media today the Assassination of the Pope is about t occur on his next overseas trip.

Let me explain: Pope Francis has been convicted, and Sentenced, for Child Torture,  Sex Trafficking and Murdering thousands of children There are arrest warrants for him in 180 nations.

The Pope plans to go to Iraq Soon and will fake his own death to try and get a World Wide Ralley to kill more Iraqis and start another round of wars.

More Wars, Pope Francis goes back to Argentina (Hitler's Old Compound) and life is good as an Arms Dealer.

Pray - Visualize - there Lucifarian Leaders all simply fail at everything they do - from killing children to shooting a rifle. Everything - including wiping their rear ends.

2) As for the Assassination attempt on Obama in 2 days - forget it. This story is already published and around the world. GOD will now make these stories I write go Viral, so HE has said it, so it shall be. All of them since the beginning.

Further  - You Lucifrian Leaders (And Bankstas)  missed your 12 June Deadline and have no intention to honor it so and now yo will begin to Vanish - so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

3) As for Scotland - over 75% of the Scottish folks want to break away from England but the Polls are set so that they referendum looses 49% to 51%. The people will revolt and GOD will pull the plug on the Rothchilds Banking System if it fails and many London Bankstas will simply vanish if they lie about this vote, so HE has said it and so it shall be.

4) Finally - Pray  - Visualize - for the destruction of those who make and grow GMO foods and kill children with vaccination. They are the same Evil people.

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

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