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Thursday, September 11, 2014

You Have Failed New World Order

You have failed New World Order to start your war.

(((Please continue to pray for - Visualize For:
1) Gentle Rainse agroww the American South West
2) The War Mongers are neutralized immediately
3) Those who are harming Mother Earth are completely Neutralized Immediately, including those using the Lead/Arsenic Pesticides now killing children - See Sorcha's Latest.
4) These NWO Bankstas are forced to meet the 12 June deadline set by GOD or leave planet Earth permanently and immediately.)))

Your NWO has failed to throw 13 Jets containing Nuclear Dirty Bombs and Plagues into 13 Buildings around the world today.

Turkey is now refusing to allow the US airbase access to bomb Syria.

Germany and the UK refuse to join Obama in bombing Syria and the Ukraine. President Obama's Coalition to follow the US Corporation  to start WW3 has vanished despite his promises in his latest worthless speech. No one is listening and no one cares what he says.

Not one nation will follow the US Corporation into this Damnable World War 3.

Both President Bush's garnered a coalition of nations to invade Iraq twice.

Obama's Gay Boys and Drag Queens at the top have failed to inspire even one nation - go figure. His allies are abandoning him in droves. Many of his allies on Earth are under investigation for Corruption, Child Sex Trafficking, Child Murder, etc.

The Mighty Bear of Russia is now striking back against the US Corporate Sanctions by re-initiating natural Gas Contracts with most of Europe.

The New BRIC Nations (180 of them) are already sanctioning the United States Corporation for things such as Electronics for their Military, Walmart Goods, and all sorts of manufacturing products. Soon they will boycott the US for minerals and the real kicker is that without Chrome our industry here shut down in a few days. The only available Chrome in this nation is......I seen the maps of the deposits.

It is over New World Order - you cannot have your way. Your vision of 4 National Groups here on Planet Earth (Europa, North American Union, Asia, And south America and Africa) is over.

Your idea of permanent war is over.

You also failed in your communication black outs today - you failed miserably. Too many of us are now united in prayer - visualization.

Planet Earth has reached the point where we no longer need you Lucifer so take your allies and get off our planet.

Your bankers are so worthless as Lucifarian Slaves that they cannot even pay me back in accordance with what GOD has directed - they are not smart enough to choose life over death. They are confused, belittled, and unable to even act to save their own skins - perfect stupid slaves.

We all are unified in Praying (Visualizing)  that you take your slaves and get off our planet.

Watch the Sun as a sign that GOD is still in charge - not you Loozifer.

Watch your financial system - your New World Order - fall apart as your slaves either leave, are killed, or become neutralized by the Living GOD;  Unable to follow even the most basic order you give. You should have paid back GOD's Messenger, but you and your minions are too stupid to do that.

You and your minions may be powerful but you are not that smart.

You will fail at killing an Obama Double in 6 days at Martha Vineyards and you will fail two days later to Nuke New York City with a Missile form one of your Submarines just south of Manhattan. Your days here are over, so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

It is our time now.

You lost it over 30 pieces of silver Loozifer. You failed to do as GOD directed with HIS Silver.

Please also Pray (VIsualize) that the US Corporation, now siphoning off Natural Gas to deprive Portugal of their contracted allotment from Russia, cease and desist with the theft.

I will tell you a funny - all of Loozifer's Minnions that get close to me run - Bill Gates, Head of Ford Motor Company, Congressman Adam Smith, most other Ambassadors, and almost all 2 star generals and above - they all run like little children and sissies. Cowards all of them.

The stronger GOD gets in me the more they run. You should see me in the US Army and Air Force AAFES Stores. It is very funny to watch as these people run. I rarely go to those stores  because of this, but it is funny to watch.

The Russian Bear Strikes Back: Retaliates against Sanction threats! | InvestmentWatch

The News You Must Have

Dr WIlliam B. Mount


European Nations Natural Gas Imports Form Russia as a %

Finland, Bulgaria, Czech Republlic, Slovakia - 100%
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania - 100%
Ukraine, Moldov, Bellarus - 100%
Bulgaria - 86%
Poland - 80%
Austria - 71%
Greece - 60%
Slovania - 45%
Italy - 28%
France - 16%
Netherlands - 11%

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