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Thursday, September 4, 2014

The BRIC Nations Are Going On High Alert

Two hours after I posted the story of the 14 Airplanse seized by the CIA in tripoli as President Obama ordered the US Military not to stop the CIA from their dirty plot set for 11 Sep 2014 President Putin, along with much of the leadership of the BRIC Nations, also went underground.

(((Please Pray (Visualize) that the CIA is stopped dead in it's tracks and the leaders of the Fascist US Corporation (And Their Masters) gets so sick they cannot function forever.)))

As the leaders of many of the BRIC nations entered their Underground Bunkers they ordered their Militaries, and Nuclear Forces, on Full Alert.

We are at the Brink of WW3 - Exactly what Lucifer wants.

Two incidences from China in hte last 24 hours indicate that this is a real threat.

1) The USS Kitty Hark was headed for Hong Kong and China ordered out of the ir waters in violation of the China/UK treaty allowong free access to all US military. That was cancelled a few hours ago.

2) China is withdrawing about $1 Trillion Dollars of Products form the US Markets ---- including US Military Electronics. No spare parts the military stops functioning and some man named Erectile Disfunction General  Dempsey (Chief of Staff) ordered Top Secret Electronics Parts to be made in China.

It is called Treason At The Top.


Russia Orders Nuclear Weapons To High Alert, China Blocks US Warship >> Four Winds 10 - Truth Winds

This could not be more serious. These nations are beyond upset and have taken measures into their own hands. as the Arrogant CIA sits there underground let me explain a few techniques they may use just to take out Langley:

1) A New COmpressed Titanium/Zinc Allow with an air bubble is takes up 32 harmonics, and then sent back down into the these harmonics at the 35th floor and 5 seconds later 152 MHz is pumped into the rod (Shape Charge Facing Up) and where Langley used to be a perfectly round Sink Hope now exists.

2) Russia has 25 Nukes Pre-Placed around the nation. They do not even  have to launch to destroy us. If they take out our COmmand And COntrol Centers - nothing launches does it US Air Force, does it?

3) When the CIA mailed a Nuke to the Swedish Embassy 16 December last year and then came and picked it up another nation with an Embassy Nearby imported in a Diplomatic Bag a weapon that does not become Nuclear until pressure is applied to it. These folks in this Embassy are beyond angry - and it is not Iran.

If the US Corporate Leaders think it is one happy family at the top - think again. Your allies are not their allies any more.

If you do not back out of Kosovo, Syria, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, North Korea, and a dozen other places very soon we may see Operation Devolution in full swing --- except - all of the 10 Underground Bases will be completely Empty - Sink Holes that go down 5,000+ feet.

As for the Western Bankers - you missed your 12 June Deadline --- You are dead men and Women.  The longer you wait to meet this goal the more of your that will be dead: So says the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Please continue to pray that:

1) Lucifers Toys Break
2) Gentle Rain in the South Western US
3) US Forces stop all their destruction
4) Intervention that neutralizes the Evil here on Earth
The News No One Wants You To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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