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Monday, September 22, 2014

Its Official - US At War With Syria

While agents for the CIA, Pentagon, the Rothchilds, and White House were negotiating for the change of the economic system and peace with the BRIC Nations - these freaks who run the DOD ordered a US Carrier to strike Syria and US Marines to land and take Damascus after it is destroyed. The idea here is to utterly destroy this city and kill as many people as possible. Double Crossed Again India, Russia, China and Brazilo.

(((Please stop what you are doing and pray for (Visualize) Peace in Syria and the Ukraine and those who ordered the killing leave this planet immediately and forever With Prejudice. This includes those who are growing GMO foods, making pesticides, and those who are fracking using chemicals. Also pray for Gentle Rains in California nad the US South West.)))

Just in time for hte Sabbath year the US not only began bombing Syria it waited until all 60 ISIS US Leaders who are all US Citizens killing American overseas (Israeli Special Intelligence Service)  were back in New York and collecting a paycheck. Good job FBI Freaks.

China, Russia, India, Brazil: You were negotiating with Special Plenapotentiary Commissioners sent by various portions of corporations owned by the Rothchilds: Pentagon, Banking System, Federal Reserve Banks - how could you trust them?

How stupid are you?

Russian War of 1905, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam.... have you learned nothing?

I do not care how Exemplary Extrordinarily these Special  Plenipotentiary Ministers and Commisars are - they work for Lucifer and they lie like a rug.

Their bankers will continue to die at an ever increasing rate until they do as GOD directed 12 June - that's OK with me. Their Blood is on their own head.

For example: The King of Sweeden in currently in Intensive Care - a Banker - because of a "Suspicious" car accident. Emilio Biotin - head of the second largest bank in Europe (Sontander Ban Gorup) - was just killed (10 Sep).  So many more bankers are about to die.


In addition, the US is now sending about 3,000 Infantry Troops into:

1) Nigeria - to get them infected with the New Airborne EBOLA and then send them back to Europe and the US to spread it there.

Excuse me: 3,000 Infantry to help with EBOLA?



2) Iraq. We still have an Army and Air Force Base there. We never left. Ask any guy in the US Engineer and Infantry Units.


Of course he double crosses people. He sleeps with a Drag Queen - Hellooooo?

For those of you who think the technology here in America is great - tat we are such a great nation and we can start a war anywhere - a gal from Verizon just told me many companies are leaving America because we are 10 - 20 years behind in technology as compared to China, Japan, or most of the rest of the world.

A Note For Russian and Chinese Leadership: Putin (and Medvedev) and Xi - you have failed to listen to the Living GOD and instead listened to the Great White Spirits of Asheron - Lucifer's Children. Now GOD will show you both who is in charge --- your Lucifer or the Living GOD, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Look up and see the hand of GOD, look down and see the Volcanoes torch off.  Stop that Lucifer.

3) By the way - if the Rothchilds are successful in destroying Damascus the CIA will then go after World Leaders who opposed the war and terminate them one way of the other. Putin - with your blessings still in America you do not have a chance - it is only a matter of time, so says the BOSS upstairs.
For You Intel Geeks:

As for the Pope:

1) G-20 Meeting 15-16 November in Australia

2) Pope goes to Iraq 25 November to be "assassinated " (Rather than being arrested for Child Murders) during a UN General Assembly Meeting that begins 25 November as well.

3) During the  General Assemble meeting the evil  terrorists (CIA) will try to torch off a Bomb in the UN General Assembly. The time has not yet  been set. President Obama should be the honored guest so the bomb is likely to be near enough to the podium to kill (Or Injure) one of the Obama Doubles.

4) The Third Man in the Panetta Enterage is either knowingly, or unknowingly, transporting some of these Bomb Part.

(((((No wonder my security clearance is higher than Panetta's - I can smell out a rat.)))))

5) The New CIA (Cocaine Import Agency) Evil Bad Guys will be called - what sounds like - El Fatah.

Pray they fail miserable in this war and come home ASAP and do not send more troops to Iraq and Nigeria - notice I sand MORE troops.
The News You Need To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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