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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Heavens Will Shake and the Earth Tremble

This was the message I was given 7 days ago - along with all sorts of other messages.

(Please pray - Visualize - that your family is safe this next week, that there is Gentle Rain in the american South West and that those who would do harm to America and Freedom are forced of Planet Earth immediately. As for the 12 June Deadline - the Bankstas are in GODs hands now.)

Several X Class Flares and several Magnetic Storms and Proton Bursts have now it this planet since last Monday.  GOD is accelerating this process because few people are turning to him.

These anomalies may be seen at N3KL.ORG  and will continue to increase  until we turn to HIM.

The bankers involved include tens of thousands of folks all across the globe. Following is the Flow Chart for the Rothchilds Banking System:

See: Charts of Who Owns The Federal Reserve System)

As you can see the Rothchilds own congtrolling shares in the Federal Reserve SYstem through the Bank of England. Other prominent names include: Lord Montegue (Openly Gay),  Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, The Warburgs (Dying very rapidly), etc.

Remember: Unless these Bankstas meet GOD's deadline as set on 12 June 1,000+ of them will be dead by 1 January 2015. It is their choice.

We also see millions rallying for independence as the Bankstas try to continue their Death Holds of Debt against their own people, Here we see almost 2,000,000 people rallying for the Independence of North Western Spain - Catalonia.

We also see Scotland trying to become independent of the English in a coming vote on 18 September. The average Scotsman definitely demands independence and the NWO has toe news media set for a "Tight Vote." In other worlds the  English Media lies like a rug.

REmember though - the King of England gave all of ENgland, Scotland and Wales to the Roman Pope in 1203 so the vote will only be a "Pretend" vote and give the Scottish People a "Fake" kind of freedom an Illusion of freedom.

We need to pray Visualize) that when Scotland votes for Freedom they disconnect form Rome as well.

Please note the Scottish Flag is almost identical to the Russian Naval Flag. Think there is a connection - for another day maybe.,_2014

As a Final Note: What "Is Is?"

ISIS - Israeli Special Intelligence Service

Their Caliph is an ISIS agent, a Jew.
FOr You Intel Geeks:

We know about the trillions of $ dollars you plan to move tomorrow, the hit on an Obama Double in 3 days, and your failed attempt at crashing 13 planes into 13 buildings world wide.

Pray - visualize - that the NWO fails tomorrow to pad themselves against the dollar collapse they have planned.

Look up folks - GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED.

The Heavens will shake and the Earth will tremble, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

As I prepare to post this the words are changing above - spelling errors are being added.

One last note - Pray - Visualize - that the people who keep kicking me off the net, those who shut down my access to my You Tube Account, simply vanish from Planet Earth.

As a personal note: The FBI leaders are made up of evil Gay Boys and Girls. I will believe these Queers will do right when they pay me back every dime they stole form me 7 times pressed down and over flowing.

The FBI is made up of  liars, murders, drug traffickers and child rapists and they are incapable of change. I need to see it with my own eyes. They are Evil Freaks and need to be stomped out like a bad ant hill.

Prove me wrong Williard Scott.

Murderers and Rapist, Drug Dealers and Freaks who work for a Private Corporation called Homeland Security, which is owned by the IMF.

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