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Friday, September 26, 2014

Lucifer You Have Been A Very Bad Boy

What you will get is a collection of Title 40 Intelligence - Raw Data - so read it and understand that it is raw data.

(((((Continue to Pray (Visualize) Rain
1) Gentle Rain in the America SOuth West
2) Those who are fracking and not allowing us free energy, creating GMO Foods, Spraying us, Putting Poisons in our waters, and vaccinating us vanish immediately and permanently off of the  Earth.
3) Please also pray that those who are perpetrating his insane war vanish permanently as well)))))

1) ISIS leaders were brought back in New York City a few days before hte bombing and now we have a Subway Bombing Plot in New York city by ISIS - DUH.

As you recall - Subway in New York City was used as a test place for a Chemical Weapons Drill a few months ago - and they also put Azodicarbomide (Yoga Mat Plastics) in their bread which kills your pancreas, liver and kidneys?

Despite huge amounts of publicity - they do not care. It is still in their bread. They do not care.

2) The ISIS Plot was used to cover up a Nuke being brought into Wall Street to detonate 17 September +- 3 days. I never updated the plot on this because I am tired - the Actual Nuke   was actually brought into New York City 22 September - just like the Nuke in DC last Year - see NCIS 21 September 2013. 

This time it was a smaller Nuke - but most of Wall Street and the United Nations would have been  destroyed. The FBI coordinated this attack and it was supposed to be detonated either in the location we talked about earlier or in from of hte UN building ----  but it was caught near a Subway.

Great - A Nuclear Armed FBI led by a Gay Boy wishing to Nuke Wall Street by orders of David Rothchild.

Thank GOD for armed American's who can stop these plots.

--- 2) The US Corporation (Traded on the NY Stock Exchange like every other nation) will now expand it's bombing to Outer Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. The Jordanian Bombings will be by "mistake." 

The actual buildings currently being bombed are empty - why kill those you sell weapons to.

3) The Rothchilds, and their bosses in Frankfurt, are loosing control of their banking system. These bankers do not wish to be tried and put to death --- they wish to save their own hides and the only way that will happen is if the defy Lucifer. Part of that is to meet the 12 June deadlines set by the living GOD. It is either death or defy Lucifer
4) The Ukraine - Follow the money. WHen the US put President Yushenka into power the Ukraine had $35 Billion in debt owed to the IMF. Thanks to the US they now have $165 Billion in debt. There yearly debt payments now mean half of their federal budget - $12 Billion a year.

During this US Led Revolution their infrastructure was destroyed in the Eastern Ukraine and only 80% of their fields were planted. The US destroyed roads, power plants, real lines, gas distribution centers for the farms, phone lines, water wells - every thing they could.

It appears that only about 50% of the Ukrainian Food Crops  can be harvested - and the US is spraying Ukrainian Wheat with GMO protein to destroy their crops and poison them.

When their current Ukrainian president came to the US this week he got a standing ovation in Congress but walked away with nothing. Even President Obama denied his application for the Ukraine to join the EU for obvious reasons we have discussed earlier on APFN.

So the Ukraine made special deals with Russia just to keep their homes heated this winter.

To President Poroshenko: MAN UP - Do not pay the IMF any more. Try the US Corporation and charge them for your disrupted economy.

The Hryvnyia used to be 4 to the Dollar in 2007, now it is 14 to the dollar. This means a $4 loaf of bread is now allot higher in price - much higher. Again - the Rich Prosper, the poor suffer.
5) There will be an internet Virus attack on the Western (IMF Banking Infrastructure coming from the CIA in Hungary and using US Air Force Computers. It will start messing worth the home Screens but begin randomly scrambling the ASCII. Either Kill the CIA members in Hungary or lock the USAF Computers from sending out the virus - pull their plug.

If you let this into the USAF computers it will disable the ICBM fleet and scramble the Submarine Nuclear Targets.
6) Eric Holder the Murderer is bailing out and expect hism to be made a Supreme Court Judge by Obama. He plans to order a White Male Supreme Court Judge killed so Holder the Murderer can take his spot.

If we say no they will both rant and rave about Race. Remember:

Obama is: 16% Black, 33% Arab, 50% White.
7) ISIS Plots will now sprout across America thanks to the FBI. The original Subway Plot was master minded by Mayor Bloomberg the Freak but was taken over by the FBI because it sounded good.
8) Is still see New York City flat as a pan cake very soon if the Banstas ignre GOD's Demands 12 June.
9) I see two large bombs going off thanks to the FBI  -- one in Ohio (?) and one under Alma Nebraska - the current HQ of the Underground US Corporation I believe. This completes the Pentagram of Disasters id across America by the Rothchilds and carried out by the Rockefellars and Brazinski.
10 ) I see US Corporate Bombings of Christian Churches world wide - just like they did in Kosovo and Serbia.
11) I also see the US Corporation edging into the NFl and buying controlling interest in it and running it into the ground - just like they did to the American Base Ball League and the NBA. They are Control freaks and will just make up money to do this and then destroy it - this is what Lucifer Does.
12) Japan will begin rolling left and then right and many rice fields will be flooded. They will need to build dikes to keep the ocean out.......also a volcano beginning to sprout lava just SE of Spain as the ground shakes.

Look up folks - my help comes form above.

This is what I was given by the I AM That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Please reread this list and please pray that these things do not happen.


The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

It is late here - thank you for reading.

It is 1 Am here and someone in US army Cyber Command is messing with this story

Please pray those who mess with APFN loose their computers permanently and immediately.

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