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Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Message To The White Dragon Society

This is a message to the White Dragon Society and the "Ascended Masters."

((((Please pray for (Visualize)
1) Huge amounts of Gentle Rains in the American South West
2) Those who would hurt Planet Earth and Humanity are dissolved off this planet immediately
3) The White Dragon Society Acts appropriately before the Living GOD completely immobilizes them, and HE will if they do not now come)))

This Message is directed to the leaders of the White Dragon Society and Ascended Masters out of Shamballah. At 5:55 PM our time your world was shaken - I felt the power run through me and into your world and it flattened me. The energy lasted for about 6 minutes. This can easily be verified by going to the IRIS Earthquake Map and looking into the Kush region of Afghanistan and the Northern areas of Nepal - another entrance to your cities. Now we know exactly where you are located.

IRIS Earthquake Browser

We appear to be on the same side side but I need your help and your shaking will continue until you come and meet with me, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

I recently listened to a video form "Paradoxman316" where he interviewed Ron Van Dyke, an apparent Ambassador to the White Dragon Society. In this video they both talk about the Great Amounts of Money to help Humanity and ask for proposals to be funded by your group - yet there is no place to send these proposals.

You will send a representative top m or the Living GOD will shake your entire organization every so stronger each day until you come.

You were warned about the shaking you would receive this after noon and you took no action. This is your fault - you should have studied my track record. SInce I cannot go up the Harmonics and travel 8,000 miles you will need to come to me.

I am only a messenger but may I suggest that you listen.
Here are, for example,  some suggestions to help this planet that need to be funded:

1) I manufacture a product that would wash the soil and heal planet Earth. This is a hydroponic Formula that adds a surfactant and reduces fertilizers use by 90% and eliminates pesticides and herbicides.

2) We have published the Cures for every know disease. We need clinics world wide to sell these Cures or ad the least give them away. May I suggest we show people and give them what they need at first and then they can go to the open market to buy these after that.

3) We need to build automobiles using Plate Batterise that give the car a 3,500 range. We have been using these plate batteries in the Army for over 30 years and hte Assistant Director of Idaho Labs and I spoke about them.

4) Built 100 Million Tacheon Generators to power the world. They use a double set of Neodine Magnets (Not one set like normal generators)  and capture these particles traveling faster than light. They would null the existing Power lines and help stabilize the Earth by drawing in extra electrons into the ground.

5) We need 100 Million N-1 Generators.

6) We need to utilize Hydro Step Down Dams every where --- every where.

7) WInd Power needs to be built all over the windy areas of Planet Earth.

8) Massive Solar Building Projects using hte US Military Panels (110% Efficient Using UV/IR and Visible lights) and store the power in pairs of dams like Oroville Dam and Thermolita Bay.

9) Use of Sea Water Pipelines to recharge the Aqueducts worldwide and run off of solar. See: America's Third Party.

10) Use of Red Mercury to create fleets fo Anti Gravity Propulsion Air Craft for transporting people coast to coast Powered by Nuclear Packs - like what the Assistant Director of Idaho Labs built for FORD 50 years ago in the FORD NEUTRON.

11) Massive Tree Planting Project World Wide to stimulate Oxygen production and bring back the rains.

12) New UN in Astana where nations are nations, not corporations owned (And COntrolled) by the Rothchildsand run out of Frankfurt Germany.

13) Pay off World debt (Including Homes) by selling the $340 Trillion Dollars of US Corporate Stock and Bond holdings.

14) Eliminate bad frequencies created by TV, Radio, and Woodpecker Frequencies Generators.

15) Polyacrylic All Roofs rather than re-roofing houses all over the world. A roof sprayed with this material will last 3-5 years longer. Thus, for example,  15 year shingle would last indefinitely.

16) Finally, I need a better area to access information to stop these Assassination Attempts On Politicians, Major Nuclear Terrorist Attacks, and other such things through prior notifications.
Either you will send a representative to me and your Ambassador is not blowing smoke up our rears, or you are another worthless outfit that is about to get it's petutie kicked so hard it will take us a month of Sundays to find your pieces - so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

Remember - I am only a messenger and seek help in removing the Evil from our planet.
The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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