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Monday, September 1, 2014

Snowdens Report: NSA Computer Spys On Foreign Computers

Following is an Edward Snowden's Report on how the NSA Computer collects data from all foreign computers - thus spying on every nation on Planet Earth.

Yes Angela Merkel - your new Bedroom is now bugged and it is not so noisy because you do not spend allot of time there.

The real fun is found in the camera's in the English Queens Chambers under her 10 Downing Street Address. Her staff is pretty wild.
Please pray:

1) Rain in California - it is raining, great job APFN

2) Rain in American South West - its raining - Great Job APFN

3) Those Extra Terrestrials that would do us harm get sick when near, or on, Planet Earth
 ---- they will get sick, great job APFN

4) Those who lead the Worlds Banking System meet GOD's 12 June deadline immediately or become Violently Sick until they do  meet it.

5) Lucifer's Toys cease to function when near, or on, Planet Earth.

By the way Edward (Tony) Snowden is a person who is a Scape Goat for the release of Sensitive Documents by the .....Wouldn't you like to know NSA. I do.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount
A a side note: The Rothchilds real name is Bauer and they are form Frankfurt Germany. As you recall - these used to be the Holy Roman Empire centered in Rome and their financial Sector was centered in Frankfurt.

Today we see the Nation of Germany pulling away fro the IMF and recentering the World's FInancial Center back into Frankfurt. The Rothchilds (Bauers)  have sucked England, Canada, America and Australia of all their wealth and now they are pulling back to Frankfurt and joining forces with Russia to burry the Western Banking System.

The US Corporation and the IMF have been out flanked in their Arrogant Ignorance.

What this means in Rome (Lucifer) is that  these American and English Bankers are no longer needed and their secrets need to go away:  Dead Men Tell No Tales.

In GODs eyes - these English and American Bankstas missed their  12 June deadline and now GOD will deal with these Western Bankstas ever so harshly. Most of them need to bend over and kiss their hinies good by, so says the I AM That I Am, who was and is and is to come.


As for us on the bottom who follow GOD - HE will take care of us.

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