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Monday, August 25, 2014

Keep Up Your Prayers Readers - It Is Working

Please keep up your prayers APFN readers.

1) Earthquakes - this was confirmed three times:

  a) The sky shook above New York City for 2 days after we started asking for prayer

  b) New York get a Gentle Earthquake (1.5) centered below Jersey City - a mile form New York City

  c) There was a Subway explosion just after we posted our request for prayers that shop=k central New York City.
2) Rain - keep praying (Vsualize) for rain in the South West - Gentle Rains:

 a) There is rain in Western Texas and North Eastern Utah.

 b) It is raining in Phoenix, El Paso, Salt Lake, Denver, Lubbock, Houston.
3) Rain: California, 1/4 inch per day for a month. Keep praying Visualize.

  a) It is cloudy in Eureka, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
4) The Stink Pots who are destroying America are now being exposed and the APFN Story cites that the Law Canter is now calling for the Impeachment for Obama.
5) The Fergusen Missouri case (Mike Brown Shooting) is dying as people realize that the entire thing is made up - fantasy. This leads folks to wonder what news they get is real?
6) A shooting occurred at a US Military base and as the News began to blow it out of proportion the entire story was squashed by the Base Commander.
7) The World is unified in their anger towards the US Corporate Desires to bomb Syria and millions around the world are praying for this US Corporate War to cease.

8) The world is now fully awake about the US Corporate Desires to spread both Ebola and US Corporate GMO food around the world.

In fact - China just finished a study that concluded that t he New GMPO Rice from Monsanto thiples Leukemia rates and cripples the farmers themselves and they have forcefully thrown these Murderers of Monsanto and Dupont out of their country - as have over 150 nations.

Keep praying - visualize - that the GOMs dis and those manufacturing them are shut down full and immediately.

We do not have to have the killing of 320,000,000 Americans in the next 2 years.

In fact - we have the capabilities in this nation to lead the world in energy and food production is we destroy our evil leaders in the US Corporation. More on this later.

Pray with me (Visualize) that those who work for Lucifer and his Minions - Archons, Asherons, Tall Grays, Draconians (Demons) - are utterly destroyed and pushed off of Planet Earth immediately and all their plans fail - all of them.

As the harmonics begin to crash together (and we get help form above) our prayers will become stronger and stronger and these entities we call demons will get less and less.

Pray (Visualize) also that all their toys break - like their 30,000 Radionincs Machines under Cambridge England, Etc.

Remember - the Gentle Earthquake in New York City was a sign that we will now get help from above - ti is time we kick these Stink Pots off our planet once and for all.

As for bankers dying - as long as they do not meet their 12 June deadline they will continue to die at an ever accelerated rate. This includes Russian, American, Chinese.... bankers around the world and the major families like the Rothchilds, Oppenheimers, Rockefellars, Kennedys... etc will be effected in ever greater numbers.

Just remember Bankers - Lucifer hates you just as much as he hates me and his love is in killing and causing pain. Since you work for this evil little punk then your life is in his hands. You are Crab Bait.

I belong to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and every day more and more of Lucifer's Demons will be harassed until they leave or are destroyed - so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

The NEws You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr Willima B. Mount

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