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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Three More Bankstas Bite The Dust

Three more NWO Bankstas bite the dust, who's next?

(Please pray the Bankstas understand that they will honor GOD's 12 June deadline or they will die.)

It is hard to know what is real and what is to real today when it comes to the news.

For Example: The inditement leveled at Governor Rick Perry was from a Prosecuting Attorney that got a DWI and got violent when she was arrested. The Governor simply did not extent additional fiunding to her office.

What is real is that we told Governor Rick Perry that if he did not do as GOD had directed his chance to become President went down the tubes. This Inditement by some Drunken Democratic "Affirmative Action Hiree Liar" County Attorney has been paid off  only to keep Rick Perry out of the 2016 Presidential Race.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Indicted By Grand Jury For Abuse Of Power Over Threat To Veto Prosecutors’ Funding | InvestmentWatch

What is not real is: The Fergusen Shooting. We have just listened to the 911 call from a News Cast that told the local police department that there was a Police shooting. Unfortunately there were no cops in the vicinity.

Go To the story this morning at 7:16AM.

Gee - their website is down - Wonder why?

BOOM! Audio Released of Ferguson Dispatch Exposes A ‘Staged Event’ | InvestmentWatch

BOOM! Audio Released of Ferguson Dispatch Exposes A ‘Staged Event’ | InvestmentWatch

 Got to the story: Boom! Audio Released of Fergusen Dispatch a "Staged Event."

These Fascist Pigs who run the US COrporation are desperite for World War 3 an d will do anything to get it.

That's right - the US Corporate SS (DHS) made the entire story up - lock, stock and barrel - to get you riled up about nothing. Fooled again.

What is real is the 3 Dead Bankstas. These are:

1) Karl Albrecht. He was 93. He was also the 23rd richest man in the world. Initial reports said he died in Early August, then a report said 31 July and now WIkipedia backdated his death to 16 July 2014. Kind of strange that the richest man in Germany has 3 dates for his death?

2) Edwardo Campos - the number 3 man in the Brazilian Elections and a man who was sold out to the Rockefellars and sounded allot like Al Gore in his speeches. He mysteriously died in a Plane Crash a few days ago (Age 49) just before he was to kick off his next election?

3) James Schiro - Goldman Sachs Director - Hum, no suspicion there. He died (Age 63) a few days ago of a Mysterious Cancer that attacked platelets.  One of the richest men in the world did not know how to eat Sea Weed?

So you see- three more dead bankers and all died under suspicious circumstances.

For every one we hear about I be sure another 10 died.

Who is next Bankstas?


12 June Baby - GOD's deadline.
What You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

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