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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Coming Destruction Of Russia

First - thank you agian APFN for this platform. We just may win this war against Fascism yet.

Second  - continue your prayers APFN. Pray for rain in California, the American South West, and for the annihilation of those who would destroy America.

Focus on, Visualize - that all spirits who follow Lucifer are destroyed and all of their destructive toys break immediately.

As a side note: Lightning destroys radioactive elements and most of the Fukushima Radiation is falling on top of my head in Seattle.

Please also pray that the World Leaders become completely paranoid and fulfill their 12 June 2014 Deadline so APFN maybe fully funded.

Third  - we turn our heads towards the final destruction of Mother Russia as set forth by the English and the Roman Pope. This war has been going on for almost 2,000 years - a fight between good vs Evil....Agartha vs Shamballa, ... the two heads of the snake on the Medicine Pole.

Like the head of hte Jesuits said 4/15/2000: "When a Man of GOD stands up against us we will crumble and if any one touches him we must kill them. Our last Stronghold will be in America before we finally fall."

As a point of history:

A)  The US funded the Japanese expansion of their navy in the early 1900s which led to your disasterous Russian naval campaigns in 1905. The prisoners captured by the Japanese during this war were brain washed and then sent back to Russia and paid to spread hate towards Czar Alexander - 300,000 of them.

Those that did not comply with the Initial Brain Washing in the prison camps were exterminated.

B) In 1917 the US/UK funded Red Cross destroyed the King of Russia, Alexander.

C) In 1919-20 the Uk/Fr Armies, the UK funded Polish Armies, and the US funded Ukrainian Armies invaded Russia.

D) In WW2 your nation was again devastated and your new Soviet Union over extended itself and came tumbling down.

E) Now Russia is  ready for complete destruction - you are easy prey for the English - Arrogant and not wise in the ways of GOD and Lucifer.

The plans of these English/ Roman World Leaders is in this final war they plan to utterly destroy all of the Russian Federation. This is being done as we speak in the following ways:

1) Russia's  blessings from GOD, which have been there for over 1,000 years, left in 2007 and they are not likely to return any time soon. This leaves the Russian Federation in the hands of Lucifer and he wants these people destroyed along with their church. The Word "Christ" and "Yeshua" are hated by those who follow Lucifer and his minions as are the Old Testament and the book of Revelations and those who have their books must be killed and the books burned.

2) Recently President Putin had an Encounter with a Great White Spirit - a Spirit of Asheron - the same gods the Philistines (Greeks) followed and look what happened to their empires?

3) The economic destruction will be done as follows: Russia draws most of it's Federal Budget form Oil Revenue. This revenue finds their retirement programs, militaries, Covert Activities......cut their Oil and Natural Gas revenues of and the Russian Federation dies. When I was there in 2007 we stopped a leakage of $100,000 million dollars of oil revenue per year and they never said thank you in accordance with the UCC or Russian Law. This has left them open to the destruction of this revenue in the eyes of the Living GOD.  If the Russian Leadership could put 2 and 2 together they could plug this hole - but they may not be that intelligent.

4) As you recall - a few years ago there was a terrible shooting in Norway - back on 22 July 2011 I believe. Several CIA shooters left hundreds dead or wounded and the entire thing was blamed on one guy -- two locations, one guy, right! In the shooting one of the Kings Nephews was killed as a warning to obey the English. Norway took no action to retaliate  or even expose the truth because the King is a Blithering Coward.

5) Several days later Norway deeded some of it's Natural Gas Wells to England and the destructionof Russia began.

Recall in your history the Oil and Gas pipelines that ran from Northern England to the coast of France. Two types of pipes were used - one was wrapped in tar and wire and the other was American Steel Pipes that were as flexible as rubber aan resistant to Sea Water Corrosion.

If you cannot find the references look on Wikipedia under the Norway Occupation by Germany.

So 75 years ago a flexible pipe was created that was laid from Northern England down to the Middle of France carrying Gas and Oil. The outlets were in such locations as "Bon's Ice Cream Parlor".....

All England (Rome) has to do is supply Europe with 40% of it's Natural Gas for a period of about 5 years and your economy collapses. It might even work if it was done all of a sudden for a period of 12 months. Both plans are currently being considered.

As you read this these pipes are being hooked up and laid in the North Sea.

The life span of these pipes (Mush Improved Over the 1939 pipes) is abotu 20 years now under water - but all Englad needs is about 5 years to totally destroy the Russia Federation.

6) So here is the Jesuit/Pope's time line. As you read it pray that nothing the Jesuits and hte Pope doe works - that it all falls flat on it's face:

 a) Sep 2014: Dollar reset September (30% Decline in Value)  Per IMF Orders.

 b) In addition - EBOLA, CRE, MERS, Morgellons...... is sprayed on America to kill the Brown Eyed People. This means little travel - Marshal Law. Russian and Chinese troops aid Homeland Security to killing americans. This way when these troops go home they will carry these deadly diseases to their home countries.

 c) Nov 2014: US Power goes out for 2 weeks due to a terrorist attack orchestrated by the FBI and GMO DNA is begins falling out of the sky to destroy Russian/Chinese food productions.

 d) Nov/Dec 2014 - US Power trickles back on with no Welfare, Social Security, and VA checks being     sent out ever again. Home Foreclosures will be sped up as well. Since banks like Columbia, B of A, Wells Fargo now all cook the books all records will be modified to destroy home owners.

 e) In 2015 the dollar will again begin to fall and by the end of 2016 the dollar should loose 90% of it's value. Now remember - the dollars overseas have different computer chips in them so they must remain overseas. This other nations will be holding worthless paper and their economies will also fall horribly.

 f) Total Economic Collapse on the US Corporation and their Military will prevent to rise of the American Republic as we merge with Mexico and Canada.

g) The First Phase Natural Gas Pipeline to Europe by the English should be completed by mid 2015 thus cutting European Natural Gas Exports from the Russian Republic by 25%.

h) The Second Phase will be completed by mid 2016, cutting Russian Republic Natural Gas Exports by 50%

i) The third Phase - by Mid 2017 - cutting Natural Gas Exports form the Russian Federation by 100%. So after Russia destroys America it will also be utterly and completely destroyed leaving the Rothchilds in complete control of the Worlds Economy.

j) A full scale war in the middle East should leave most people in this region dead followed by a wrap-up by military troops from the  US Corporate, French and English troops.

k) The Temple to Lucifer is planned for a 10 year construction project and will be placed in Jerusalem over the Dome Of The Rock, to been completed no later than 2032 or earlier.

A Note for The Pope

Your Vatican Bank needs to be purge of Stupid People as does your P-2 lodge. You were told that if you ignored this Messenger of GOD it would be open season on attacks against the Vatican.

Now your leadership has arrest warrants for them in over 140 nations and your banks may be purged.

Soon you will completely isolated.

May I humbly suggest you do as GOD has instructed you to do very quickly or the deaths in your Vatican will accelerate at an alarming rate, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

There is a Galactic Hierarchy and you are about to be stomped on unless you do as GOD has directed you to do.
The News You Are Not SUpposed To Have

Dr WIlliam B. Mount


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