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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Humanity Reached a Pinnacle Last Night

Humanity reached a pinnacle last night. For the first time in Human History we have come together here on this Blogspot, Pravda and APFN and are able to focus on a single thing to do to help humanity.

WE are being hit with bad news form all over. We know that the governments of the world want most of us dead - but how do you fight back?

These "Leaders" are demon possessed and can't even get near them because they are cowards and run from us like little school girls faced with doing a math problem.

Besides - even if you kill them the Demons just hop into another body and you have done nothing.

As we go through the next few subjects Visualize with me - Pray - that these problems go away..
Let us try it and see what happens:

1) We know that the Fergusen Missouri case is a False Flag - a fake Incident - so let's pray - visualize - that those perpetrating this lie are shut down immediately and forever.

2) We know the spraying off of California is to destroy California. Pray - visualize - that the sprayers are immediately grounded and that southern California gets 1 month of Gentle Rains - 1/4 inch per day for 30 days starting immediately.

3) We know a computer is generating millions of tweets to perpetuate the NWO Lies. Pray - Visualize -  that the Computer Perpetrators are shut down for permanently and their master computer dies.

4) Pray - visualize  - the Bankstas get their message and meet their 12 June goal set by GOD so APNF can get fully funded.

5) Visualize Hard - Pray - that New York City gets a Small Earthquake to let them know Humanity has awoken and intervention to help Humanity can now occur.

Let us try this and see if it works.

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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