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Monday, August 11, 2014

Actor Robin Williams Passed On Today

Today a great actor passed on, he had incurable cancer. He was sort a hero to me because he brought me to Patch Adams.

(Please pray for (Visualize) Gentle Rains in the American South West, especially California lasting 6 months starting immediately.)

For those of you who read my blogs you know I have a friendship with the Real Patch Hunter Adams MD.

Here is a man who's mother died when he was 9, and who's father said the Korean War "Took His Soul" and then died 2 weeks later.

Hunter Adams had no idea what to do only that he had to find himself so he checked into a Mental Hospital and found himself by learning to listen - really listen.

Robin Williams portrayed Hunter Adams (Patch) exquisitely and with an emotion that still lives on today.

As most of you know Patch became a doctor and then, after spending 13 years watching kids die in cancer wards, decided he needed to change the entire medical community. He began his quest to teach Doctors to listen to their patients. Really listen to their fears, their desires - everything.

His philosophy is: "If you treat a disease you win some and you loose some. If you treat a patient you win in every case."

Patch Adams owns nothing and as a doctor his Gesundheit Institute lives completely on donations. They charge no money for anything they do. Patients may come and stay for an extended period of time so his staff can really connect with the patients.

Many times a disease is a mere manifestation of depression caused because no one really listens to them.

When Patch travels many think the trip is about being a clown. Yes - that is partly true. He acts as a Clown to be silly so as to reach out and touch the hearts and minds of the people he is talking to.

When one is sick they often times withdraw into themselves. Treating them to help them may become difficult. For example: I know several people who refuse to eat Sea Weed or EDTA or Immusist. They are depressed beyond reproach. The World has taken it's toll on them and they just want to be left alone to die. How sad.

Consider what is happening here in this country, hte negative news we get bombarded with like: The US State Department just announced the US will buy most of Poland's Fruits and Vegetables and flood the American Market with these products - thus destroying the American Farmer.

It is depressing listening to this garbage day after day after day. After 50 or 60 years it can take it's tole..

Suppose though - suppose you could actually reach out and touch some one in an emotional way. Maybe they want to die - but in most cases Dying is a process. Maybe we can alleviate some pain - and maybe we can make someone feel more comfortable.

If someone can come to terms with Death and realize Death is part of life and they have friends - I mean people who will really listen - then they can die happy.

When my wife's dad died he went through a 2 week period of dying. I was there to listen and not pass on judgement. In his dying words he called for me. When I arrived he knew I would listen and he then told a Navy Joke about the 12 Inch "GUN" the sailors have and was laughing so hard he had a huge stroke - but he died laughing and laughing because I would listen and not pass on judgement. He was 86 years old.

When his kids found out he called for me just before he died to tell me a Navy Joke they had a hard time at first - I was just an inlaw.

As I listened to these children - really listened -  they realized that when we die this is a good way to go and he will remember this life with a smile on his face because someone really listened.

Patch got his name by really listening to an very old and intelligent Kermudgen - he put a piece of tape on a leaking coffee cup for him. He Patched up his Cup and the Kermudgen gave him his Nick Name: Patch.

To Patch I say: You have helped me through some really hard times by really listening to ME.

To Robin Williams I say: You brought me to Patch and without him I would never have continued to broadcast what I broadcast and based on what I do it is likely the Human Race would have evaporated many years ago.

Today we lost a great actor and I am sorry to see Robin Williams go.

Go back and really watch the movie Patch Adams and please realize Patch is real and still reaching out to people across the globe.

Let the legacy of Robin Williams live through Patch Adams Institute: The Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia.

To Robin I salute you and to Patch I love you and your folks there.

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Dr William B. Mount

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