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Thursday, August 14, 2014

US Combat Troops Now Killing in Iraq

It is official. As of today the US has 2759 Combat Troops in Iraq.

(((Please Pray that those sending in Americans into Iraq are destroyed immediately)))

(((Also continue to pray for rain in the American South West and those using chemicals to Fraq for oil are also destroyed immediately.)))

Yesterday US Secretary of the Department of Defense said the US will not have another war in Iraq. He knowingly lied. Of course- his security clearance is lower than mine and he has no access to ongoing treaties and negotiations among the World Leaders.

Today President Obama signed a document with an Open Ended Committment to Iraq for troops.

These men pushing this war - (Obama, Hagel) will not lead the war but sent Americans to war. nThey are cowards.

If you are a US Soldier and you are injured - you have the VA to deal with - you are a dead man.

If you are injured and captured - Forget it. Obama will not even go into Mexico and save a Marine. Fascist Pigs like Obama and Hagel hate US Troops and use them only to kill.

Fascist Pigs like Obama, Drunk Man Hagel, ED Dempsey are also blithering cowards and liars.

Remember - the US Fighter Aircraft (F-15s, 18s) are not combat aircraft and the Infantry that carries Rifles and Pistols are not there to engage the enemy. Kill - yes, but engage - nooooo!

Iraq is a "Police Action" to "Protect Vital Oil Interests for the people."

In other words - ensure Iraqi oil is sold using the American Dollar and that Dumb Dumb John Jerry gets a Commission off of these Oil Sales and Arms Sales sent to the Kurds, ISIS, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, France.....

What we can do as APFN readers is every night just before bed time we can Pray (Visualize) that those causing these wars are destroyed immediately.

In the following film Rachael Maddow (Has an Adams Apple) describes in detail the letters written Obama
outlining the War he is now re-initiating against a group of men (ISIS) who are US citizens and fly in and out of New York City all the time.

So here we go again - American Lives so these Fascist Pigs can suck off the Oil Commissions ensureing the trade is done in US Dollars.

Maddow Says Obama Legally Required To Have All U.S. Military Troops Out Of Iraq By Tomorrow! | InvestmentWatch

If the link does not go through go to at 8:16 this morning.
For You Intel Geeks:

The next two targets for US created Terrorism seems to be Moldov and Morocco. The DOD has been ordered into these two countries to kill and  create a "Revolution.".

Keep in mind - the real prize here is Iran. The 13 Banking Families (Run by the Rothchilds in London) are not present in Iran and they must destroy this nation. Israel is merely a stepping stone to them to start the war.

To this end the US DOD Corporation (Controlled by the IMF) has elements of 2 Combat Air Wings and a Transport Air Wing currently in Iraq and will add about 500 new Combat Troops to Iraq in a week.

The US DOD has also moved elements of now 3 US Carrier Groups to help kill citizens of Iraq.

The fact that the Current Muslim Caliph is a Jew (His Mom and Dad are also Jews) and a Mossad Agent is just now reaching the Muslim World. GOD will stir them up like ants and these inflamed Muslims created by these leading families will now go after these families - not the people: So says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Why kill some lowly Christian when you can kill a Rothchilds or Rockefallar, or a Kennedy,  and stop these insane assassinations of millions of people world wide through War, Famine, Poisoned Water, Poisoned Food, Poisoned Air - GOD might just honor that?

Charles Timothy Hagel, Mr Secretary - your mind leaks worse than Leon Panetta's and your security clearance is lower than mine. That is sad.
The News You are Not Supposed To Have

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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  1. The US Department of Homeland security, in conjunction with a planned assassination of an Obama Double in Martha Vineyards, will now try to stir up Blacks across the nation using a combination of TV shows and frequencies to create Marshal Law.