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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Junk Bond Money Pulled Out Of Stock Market - Uh Oh.

A major even just occurred - Billions of Dollars were just pulled out of Junk Bonds in the US Stock Market.

(Please Pray that those destroying America and freedom are immediately Neutralized)

This happened just before 9/11 and just after the market began to crash in 2008.

We know that the month of August was supposed to be the month all Heck broke loose.

On 16 August we were supposed to see:

1) An Innocent Young Black Man get shot by cops
2) An Obama double was supposed to die in a shooting by a Single White Male Veteran White Supremicist
3) Outbreaks of Ebola - see

On 17 September (+-3 Dayswhat is scheduled its:

1) All of the above - again by the same people
2) New York Stock Exchange is scheduled to fall 30%
3) The Dollar fall world wide by 30%
4) Home Loan Interest Rates begin to rise

On 11 November (11/11/14)

1) Grid goes down due to a Nuke launched at the US SOmewhere - it will be down for 1-3 weeks

All was orchestrated by the Rothchilds in London and supported by the Warburgs, Rockefellars, etc.

So now you know what is planned.


It keeps getting more and more Bizzar: Obama  gets the Nobel Peace Prize after being in office for 2 weeks, Monsanto Executives get the Nobel Food Prize for making GMO Killer Food............

So what's Next?

Aaaaaaaaah - more dead Bankstas - they missed the 12 June Deadline.

gotta go - attacked agian

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