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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bundy was not killed on Monday - Keep Up Your Prayers

Following is an article published a few days ago - and so far we are willing, thanks to YOUR support and YOUR prayers.

We have been calling around to find out what is happening in Nevada an all of the Directors of the Agencies and all Nevada Politicians are unavailable.

Please pray Lucifer fails his attempt.

Apparently someone in the White House has ordered the arrest of BUNDY and then Suicide him with a Heart Attack.

The same Jesuit snipers and Avanti killers the CIA used in Kiev are now here in Nevada to infiltrate and kill.

In the mean time the Fed Dept of Wildlife is stealing Cate and killing Turtles with Machine guns.

The area is supposed to be a Turtle Wildlife Area so these freak need to make the Turtle Endangered by killing most of them to justify the killing of Clive BUNDY.

The Governor will do nothing, Senator Harry Reid will do nothing.......they have been ordered to let him be killed.

Murder by Pres Obama of another law biding American Citizen.

These Federal Agents have one goal: Kill Americans.

Pray these thugs are refunded.

You heard this first here on APFN

Ambassador Mount

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