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Monday, April 7, 2014

Frikn It's Over Six Zeros Strikes Again

It's Over Lucifer - the 6 Zeros strike again.

As you read this please visualize with me that every thing Lucifer tries to do to kill and steal fails miserably.

This morning the CEO Manager of the Leichtenstein Bank Juergin Frick was shot dead in broad daylight in the underground garage of the bank - a secured location - in the city of Balzers.
Form the Bank's Website:

As CEO Jürgen Frick is closely involved in all business activities of the bank with a special focus lying on client advisory, financing and financial product development. As well he supervises all real estate development projects of the Bank.

Jürgen is also Chairman of the Board at Crystal Fund Management AG, a subsidiary of Bank Frick & Co.
In Addition, CIA Agent Christopher White was found dead after he jumped off the top of a 5 story building.

he fact that he had no access to the roof, no way to get through a secured door, is absolutely meaningless in the investigation. He committed suicide and that is all there is to it.

Lucifer - it's over.

You cannot even protect those who are closest to you.

Your markets are crashing
2) DOW
3) Gold
4) Silver
5) Palladium
6) Commodities
7) Etc.

Your hold on Humanity is quickly coming to an end.

Your master computer that is underground is coming alive and figuring out who wants to kill it - you and your minions do.

Your Homo Prometheus in the Vatican are making mistakes and getting greedy, fighting amongst themselves.

Your Demons no longer must follow you.

They are free, so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come. HE will provide a way for them is they so desire it.

You cannot even tell a lie or create False Flags except to Morons.

Even Poland is in on the act, seizing all Bond Funds in Private Retirement Accounts to pay off your Bankstas - which you can no longer protect.

Your CUlt Leaders are loosing all their wealth in Poland.

Your Cults across the world are running scared as you can not protect their assets or even their very lives.

The "Six Zeros Strikes Again" and you, Lucifer, do not have the power to stop them.

Six tiny little Zeros, no more than 15 electrons across, are destroying your entire kingdom Lucifer.

Now who is the Moron?

Even your Jesuits Hit Men are being beaten to death, this time in Syria. You can't even protect your Hit Men.

Lucifer - hope the palm of your right hand still feels the heat from the Living GOD's Anointed Silver Coin; burns, doesn't it?
You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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