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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Turkish/US Backed Al Kada use Poison Gas in Syria 3 Times

Before we begin let us pray hard - I mean really visualize - that the orders given by the Directors of Home Land Security fails and the Bundy's are not killed or harassed in any other way and htat their 300 cattle are returned the BLM stole.

Pray also - really visualize this - that the Director of Homeland Security and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are placed unarmed in a room with just me - Mono E Mono. They are cowards hiding behind their dresses.

It has just been brought to my attention that the Al Kada groups funded by Turkey and the US Dollar have just used US supplied Nerve Gas in 3 cities in Syria.

The nerve gas was used not to kill Syrian Military Troops but to kill civilians in a most hideous way. This is our Allie: "Al Kada."

Remember "Al Kada" - the Doorway to Lucifer's First Temple to Himself on Mount Hermon at "Tel-Dan"?

The US - YOUR TAX PAYERS DOLLARS - under orders from the IMF, funds these Lucifarian Murdering Freaks.

The particulars of who they killed, mainly children, is given in the story below.

Since the images of "Tel-Dan" will not transfer to APFN I will leave it to you to investigate this Lucifarian Human Sacrificial Temple to you.

We will say this - there is a huge plan to kill millions as a sacrifice to Lucifer this First Full Moon (+-3 Days) in the Age of Aquarius 14 April 2014.

Please pray that these sacrifices all fail and Lucifer is left powerless after this full moon.

One last note to the Russians: Your Rubble is down 25% and your markets are not doing well. Did you not understand the messages from the Living GOD about hos to make your economy recover?

Russian Leaders - are you that Arrogant and Ignorant as to ignore the Living GOD After things go to pieces in your Mother Russia?
You Heard It First Here On APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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