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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fort Hood Shooting Was A False Flag - Craig's List Avdertised for Actors

Please pray - visualize - that all False flags created by this Punk Lucifer are exposed immediately.

Before you freaks in the DOD post hundreds of stories here on APFN about this shooter we already know it was a false flag.

There were advertisements on Craig's List looking for Roll Players for this shooting. I saw the ads myself you Perverts. You are as twisted as Perv Snyder, Governor of Michigan.

You will fill the newspapers and TV with Lies about this shooter, how all Military Vets are mentally unstable and force them to take drugs.

KMA - You Lie and now the rest of the world knows the DOD, CIA, FBI, American Media Lie like a rug.

Just as spoon as you pull this off the air Russia will repost it.

By the time you read this over 100 Russian/Chinese agencies will have this. Your Home Prometheus and Demon Possessed freaks will not have a chance to deny this.

How dare you freaks lie about this.

Your monetayr system is coming down.

You were warned in a letter to the White House that your SS Folks will pay me back or the Living GOD will take away their money. Vatican Freaks - this includes you folks as well since you run the Rothchilds.

As you Bankstas are killed "En Mass" look up - my help comes from above.

The New Rubble will be worth around $150 and will serve as the New Petro Dollar. Your money is going away.

Your Empire is falling, Vatican - Rome is falling and the Living GOD is in charge of this one. Your Jesuits, your Roman Knights of Malta, your Arch Bishops will soon be torn apart by this living GOD.

GOD does not budge on this one. YOU were told.

Here is what is really going on folks, except that the Living GOD is about to change every thing. Here is where YOUR money is and why YOU are way deep in debt, a Whistle Blower from the IMF:

Been hacked - gotts go

Dr William B Mount

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