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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Security On Fort Lewis Was A Joke

Please pay - visualize - with me that the United States Corporation gets new leadership fast.

today we decided to go onto a local Army Post - Fort Lewis. My Car Tags had expired and they needed ot be updated.

We went to the Main Gate and presented the Military ID card, Car Insurance and Reqistration papers and were told: "We no longer look at these papers - we just look at your ID card."

No Reqistration or Insurance Check?

As we drove through the Main Gate the guard had us swipe my Military ID through a reader and the gate automatically opened -

No one checked to see who was in the car with me.

No questions or signage about taking weapons into the post.

No scanners looking for Nuclear Weapons.

No one even looked at my Wife's ID card.

No one even looked at my wife - and she was wearing sun glasses and a hat.

As I drove away my wife's jaw dropped.

Here we are supposed to be on the verge of a Nuclear War and our security is "LA DEE DAH"?

Is the President MAD - Utterly MAD?

Is the Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff utterly MAD?

The only answer to that question is YES - those who run the US Army, the DOD and the US Corporation are completely MAD.

Who in their Right Minds would not secure Nukes?

There are Nukes on Fort Lewis. My security Clearance is higher than Gen Dempsey's - commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - and I know that there are active Nukes under the Air Field and we just: "Drove on post, La Dee Dah, no big deal."

Hello Joint Chief's of Staff?

Your Nukes are unsecured!

OK - you are worried about Russia buying 500,000 Barrels of oil from Iran a day and flooding the market with Gold Backed Rubbles - that's about $1.5 Billion Dollars a month, for 15,000 barrels of Crude Oil per month --- or around $100 for a 42.5 gallon barrel of Crude Oil.

That's about $2.20 a gallon for Crude.

You are worried that Russia is currently building 2 Nuclear Reactors in Iran, but the CIA will not be able to mess with them and to to them what they did as Chernobyl.

Much of this can be found at: THEGOLDENJACKASS.COM

As Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff don't you think you should be a little bit concerned with security on posts that have Nukes?

General Dempsey - get your head out of your rear end - you have "Octal Rectal Itis with a Cranial Inversion" so bad that you have to polish your belly just to see straight.

Secure your Nuclear Bases.

While you are at it stop the VA from selling military records around the world you MORON.

This nation is in big trouble because of YOU.

Get off your proverbial rear end and fix it. You can't have Hoochie Coochie because you have Erectile Disfunction so use that time to do what you are paid to do ----- oh - your MASTER Lucifer won't let you, will he.

Well - his kingdom is collapsing around his ankles. You might want to jump ship before it is too late.

Your Nuclear Sites are not secure.

Your records are being sold around the world by the VA.

Your Launch Codes for your nukes have been compromised.

You have 20 soldiers a day committing suicide.

You have to call a lawyer in Afghanistan before you can engage.

Your bases are openly selling weapons in Afghanistan to whoever has the cash.

Your staff let someone take a Nuke and it is headed to Boston in a few days.

Your and your staff are a disgrace to the Nation, a threat to the US Corporation, a threat to the United States of America and a threat to Planet Earth.

General Dempsey

1) Secure your Nuclear Bases
2) Secure your Nukes
3) Secure your Records
4) Secure Your President (6 Doubles) from 11-17 April.

If we have an incident (Seattle, Boston) YOU will be held responsible, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

Please pray with me - really visualize - that this Joke of a General is replaced by a Real Man, not some Mealy Mouthed politician who worships Lucifer.
You Heard This First here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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