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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

President Obama in Japan and Washington State at This Time

Please pray that this NWO garbage unwinds as Lucifer looses control.

Right now, this very second, as you read this President Obama is in both Oso Washington and Japan.

There is also a website that states that President Obama is in Martha Vineyards - at this very moment.

So - what is going on?

And there are pictures all over the web of this?

These stories are being put on the net and taken off the net at a record speed.

You have never seen so much White Washing and covering up in my life.

First he is pictured at Martha Vineyards, then Oso Washington, then Tokyo simultaneously. Now the stories are being changed as you read them.

the First Obama has warts on his left side and dark spots on his left side, looks old and skinny, the Second Obama  has two warts on his left side, the Third Obama ........

Dr William B. Mount

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