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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nazi Corporation Demands War Anywhere and Everywhere

The Nazhional Zocaleest (NAZI) US Corporation is demanding war any where and every where.

Please pray that those in the Vatican, London Financial District and New York City that are demanding war are made powerless immediately.

Fascism: When a nation is run by corporations - the merger of Government and State. By definition the US Corporation (USC 2, Sec 286, United States Senate Report 93-549, Organic Constitution of 1871) is a Fascist State - Nazhonal Zozhaleest - NAZI.

For any one with a head on their shoulders that should scare the bejeezus out of them.

Since the Obamas (^ Doubles) took office this has occurred, as ordered by the Vatican through the Roman Knights of Malta, Jesuits and US DOD:

1) 74 attempts to kill Obama, see APFN, Pravda, Euronews, Ch 77 Seattle.

2) Over 100 Nuclear False Flags created by the US Corporation - (this actually started 2 years before he took office).

3) Obama receives Nobel Peace Prize.

4) Destruction of Egypt by US, killing of their President.

5) Destruction of Libya by US Corp, killing of their President.

6) Destruction of Serbia by breaking off Kosovo - an illegal nation.

7) Destruction of over 35 countries in Africa nd the deaths of countless African Leaders.

8) Destruction of Santiago Chile with an Earth Quake Generator.

9) The destrution of the economy of the world.

10) Open selling of weaons in Afghanistan.

11) Open selling of weapons all over Iraq and trhe complete destabilization of this nation with thousands of deaths attributed to this.

12) Weapons sales up 15 times. John Shapiro, Ast Sec of State, 1 June 2012: "The Purpose of the State Department is to sell weapons."

13) Countless threats of Nuclear War against China and South Korea.

13) Acceleration of tensions all over the Middle East - the ARAB SPRING.

14) The Demands for Yangsha Island (Scarburouigh Schoul) because it has enormous amounts of gold.

15) Denial of requests to return gold stored in the US vaults, that no one knows where it is?

16) Countless attempts to start WW# with Syria and Iran.

17) The purposeful releasing of Nuclear Radiation form Fukushima, Carlsbad Canyons, English Nuke Reactor,, etc. See:


18) Murder of countless folks around the world through the use of GMO foods and vaccinations - they laugh at the world when your people die --- it is fun for these folks in DC, NYC, London and the Vatican. It entertains them and YOU can't touch them ads your sons and daughters are crippled and die.

19) Destruction of Organic Pig Farms nation wide so we must eat commercially grown pork that has a vaccine that sterilizes you and since most blacks eat pork - it terminates their population ----- ordered by a "Black President?"

20) Murdering of 51 Cattle Ranchers in Nevada and now the coming attack on the Bundy Ranch by US Cowards ordered by Obama the Coward?

I called the Governor of Nevada on this and "Girly Man Governor Sandoval" has been ordered to Stand Down. They told me:


Can we ZEIG HEIL yet?

Shall we go on?

WHAT DO NAZIS DO TO: Americans, Germans, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Iranians, French, Spanish, English, Dutch, Scottish, Finnish, Swedish, Norweagens, Italians, Indians, Pakistanis, Africans, Australians, Indonesians.....


President Putin and PM Medvedev: Seven years ago Putin's Personal Priest (Antonio) was serving as the head of the Orthodox Chuch in Russia (Not Russian Federation). He gave you a personal gift but YOU TWO let it leave Russia, Leave the Russian Federation and go to Kiev.

There in Kiev in the Hotel Ukraine (7th Floor) you fed it radioactive water and almost killed your gift.


The gift, if left in Europe (Anywhere in Europe), would have stabilized the European Economy (US as well) and brought a new prosperity to the Russian Federation.

Your gift is now far far away watching you move Headlong into WW3 - against a nation that has 65,000 Nukes, over 250,000 Air TO Air Nuclear Tipped Missiles, and allies that have another 30,000 Nukes and an anti-gravity fleet that rivals the world and they are all pointed at China, Russia, Syria, Iran and north Korea.

This gift could have opened a Star Gate in Machu Pichu, and found the oldest base on Earth that would have pulverized your enemies.

Your lost Soviet Satellite Countries (15 In All) would have come back to Mother Russia to from an Economic Council - a Soviet Type Economy.

Instead you have let your gift rot in America where is is illegal to say his name on the Radio or on TV.

There is still time before the Nukes are launched on Moscow you old Buzzard.

What you do is up to you.

Let the Russian People know that their leaders could have prevented the coming Nuclear War.

As you read this NATO mobilizes for war - it will take the US about 7 seconds to make Moscow a desert --- SCRAM NUKE from London.

Heck - 4 Compressed Titanium Rods form one of the cloaked x-37Bs would also do the job quite well - and once launched President Putin you would not even have time to wipe your rear before the rods hit the ground.

((((((15 May - next False Flag ----- Small Nuke in a US City, most likely Chicago or Detroit and a trip for Obama to the Promised Land - keep him underground. Since Obama wants to cover his tracks he is most likely to kill his "Friends" in the Chicago Financial District.))))))

((((((On the street, in a small package. 2KT load, with strange Bio Weapon Spores. delivered in Diplomatic Vehicle Black in Color - very official like. Strange License Number. Suicidal Maniac Bomber, American with an accent, Male, 35-50, thin, wiry, 5'6"?. False Flag, then WW3. Oodachia.))))))
The Equipment to destroy Russia is on it's way to Europe.

The Troops to kill Bundy are on their way to Nevada - hundreds and hundreds of them, then Marshal Law and a revolution.

The troops and equipment to destroy China is already in place.

The Nukes to destroy Iran are now ready to be mounted on F-15s in Israel.
The sixth and final war - 6,6,6

Adama, Marduk, Mars and now Earth

The End.
Please pray - visualize - that these insane Demon Possessed Nut Cases that run the world are stopped.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Just a personal Note: When I am done with a story like this I am exhausted.

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