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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April UN Broadcast, The Red Dragons, And You

The real question about these broadcasts is how do they effect you, either directly or indirectly?

Is it worth your precious time to try and read some UN broadcast by a bunch of Nuts near the top of the worlds economic  and political pyramid?

How will these broadcast summaries help YOU with better relationships with your children, making more money, traveling, or better getting better health?


Understanding how the World Leaders think allows you to understand who runs this planet and how they think.

The world leaders think that everything revolves around Astrology. For example: 3 April (+- 3 days) represents the Full Moon of Aeries, the birth of the Christ, a Lunar Eclipse, a Blood Red Moon, Easter, and a host of other things.

When they set up the Nuke to go off in DC (Serial Number B725825) there was a corresponding set up of Marshal Law and the lead in to a Full Scale Nuclear War - but that was diffused through prior notification - like the 17 May 2015 Nuke headed into North West DC - a Big One. That is an astrological Event I am not too familiar with but significant to the Rockefellers.

When the Nuke went off it signaled the Cracking of the Dollar - the End of the US Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency and the end of the wars - and the coming of Peace in this New Age Of Aquarious.

The current war in Yemen where US Carriers are launching Air Strike against the Yemen People - a war we talked about 6 months ago and tried to stop - all corresponds to the Celestial Dates surrounding 3 April 2015.

The energy of this time - Aries - is that of the First Ray - the basic energy of Fire and Change, purging of societies, Mass Annihilations, Human Exterminations. It has been like this for 4,000 years.

What this means to the investor is: These Mass Murders we call war means that those who manufacture weapons - like Boeing - will be directly effected financially. In the Spring these weapons are used up and must be re-ordered. Profits for all of the stock holders.

As the dollar begins to crack what this means to us is that:  the United States Corporation moves closer and closer to an economy like that of China - No welfare, no disability except for those who were hurt on the job, no VA Disability except for those who were hurt on  the Job, great US Military Retirement, and the elimination of most Federal, state, city and county Departments.

What this means to the Red Dragons: They are now to move forward with their financial deals and they feel all will now fall into place for them to stabilize the the World's Economy and they will become the New World Leaders for the next 70 years with a New Bretton Woods Agreement.

These Red Dragon Family Elders are still very, very angry they were not told about the coming Nuke Detonation in DC while their delegation was there although they could have read my stories and figured it out themselves.

What this means in Russia: Since they dd not pay what they owed they will move forward with China and the Mighty Russian Leadership will play second fiddle to the Chinese until they honor what they owe according to hte BOSS upstairs.

This Cracking of the Dollar means for Criminals:  tougher Jail Sentences - you rape a child, kill someone while dealing in drugs, you burglarize a home - you die. Period. You go to jail - you are treated like human scum. No TV Time, no Dungeons and Dragons time, no time in the weight room, no time in the Law Library - you work and then you sit and read.

By the end to the Festivals in June what will be set in place is the Ending of Social Order in the United States and the US Corporation will try and force  riots by July and August to destroy this nation to murder 350 million Americans. Every means will be employed to do this just like the US has done to the Ukraine, Yemen, Libya, Yugoslavia,  Ethiopia, and is now doing to California and then to Sri-Lanka.

To the Investor what this means is sell your land and water rights and get the heck out of these nations

So as a person on this planet understanding HOW the world leaders think is very, very important you YOU.
This particular UN broadcast focused on Group Meditation and Unity.

The UN speakers spoke about the Festival of Easter where Christ was sacrificed on a cross to show us hte pain necessary for the awakening of the Human Soul and that in this coming of the Age of Aquarious the Cross will represent the Joy of growing into "Cosmic Conciousness" and coming together with the Galactic Brothers in a higher harmonics.

What Cosmic Conciousness means is unifying, in our mind, with beings in a  higher harmonics.

In order to bring about "THE PLAN" here on Earth we must focus on unifying our minds with the higher beings and being at peace with the Coming New Age and New World Order and the New World Order Religion.

Within the last 2 years YOU, the American Tax Payer, just paid about 60% of the $2.5 Billion Dollar UN renovation to prepare for these coming changes. Whether you like it or not - you are paying for these coming events.

So for 2 days prior, during, and two days after the Full Moon the leaders of the world meditate on acquiring their particular goals  an their thoughts are unified and strengthened by those who participate in these broadcasts with the United Nations.
As for the quality of the broadcasts both broadcasts were absolutely 100% error free - for the first time in history. Absolutely no audio problems. The workers both in London and New York City worked hard to make this happen and changed the entire audio network.
As a side note: THE MARK OF THE BEAST is not a computer chip. GOD stated over 3,400 years ago that the MARK OF GOD was on our fore heads and our hands - it is in what we do and say.

Yeshua said:  "They will know you by your fruits"

The NWO can chip you, cut you, beat you, shoot you, stab you, poison you, steal all you own - all of this they have done to me and more - but who YOU are determines whether YOU am marked by the beast or not - not some funny computer chip on my arm or hand. So do not fear this "Chip."

Your hand represents what you do.

Your Fore Head carries your personality, who you are.

And Yes - I did remove the chip.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

A thanks to the Lucis Trust for allowing me to participate in your April Broadcasts.

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