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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

US Next Target Is Sri-Lanka

The US Next Major Target will be  the peaceful nation of Sri- Lanka.

Yesterday US DOD Forces knocked out the Turkish Electrical Grid and bombed a Yemen Refugee Camp - lots of terrorists there.

Today the US is trying to initiate the Re-drawn Middle East and planning  strikes on Yemen as it seizes more wealth from Venezuelan and Russian  millionaires through the Federal Reserve System, both of which are supposed to be controlled by the IMF, which currently is run by the Red Dragons.

(((Lets pray - visualize - this violence ceases immediately)))

As the currency war heats up the world is beginning to demand payments in either Gold Back Currency or in Gold. The problem is: The United States Corporation has no gold and what they grow never makes int into the US Treasury. According to Ben Fulford last week the US missed a payment to China and the US Treasury has currently declared De Jure Bankruptcy.

In other words - the US is broke.

Way back in 2012 surveys for gold were done on Sri-Lanka (Ceylon) and the amounts of gold found were significant. Unfortunately the current governmental infrastructure will only allow surface mining so as not to destroy the environment. Chemical extraction is not allowed in the nations of 21 million people.

Well that's not good enough for the US Corporations.

In order to hold the "Empire" together the US needs gold, and lots of it and Sri-Lanka has it and the US Corporation wants it very, very badly.

The plan is to create an incident just North of Sri-Lanka near Tiger Island and begin a limited war with China to cancel debts - a war cancels debts. This incident would be almost identical to the a "Gulf of Tonkin  Incident" that started the Vietnam War. Perhaps a pre-placed charge just below the mid-section on the starboard side would work - just enough to cripple the ship. The charge may be on the port side - it will be wired up tomorrow.

Who will stop the US corporation?:

1) Russia and China - they can't even cash a bond for a Russian Citizen or return the Mantle Feo to Europe!

GOD laughs at them - 3 Putins and all. Their arrogance amuses GOD and me.

GOD has pretty much let these nations be useless until they do as they have been asked. Until then - GOD has cursed their leadership to be resounding gongs. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

In an interesting interview two days ago the US Ambassador to Russia he stated he would have all of Putin's Staff killed if they did not follow US Orders.

In other words - the US Handlers for the Ambassador told the Russian Staff to Bow Down to the US or die. Get on your knees and beg for mercy and the US Handlers may spare you.

Do you see Russia fighting back like MEN or remaining in submission like little slaves?

2) India - Ha - they try and get involved and the US will split another 2 nation off of them in the North East and the North West.

3) Venezuela - Ha, they are about to have their entire infrastructure replaced with prejudice by the CIA and they are too stupid and afraid to kill the CIA Jesuit Hit Men - so they will die unless they fight back like MEN.

4) Germany or France - Ha - the Marshal Plan would be terminated and they would loose billions. Yes- according to Dumb  Dumb John Kerry the Marshal Plan never ended. All those Solar Panels and New Banks in Germany - bought and paid for with US Debt.

5) Mighty Spain - yea - right. King Carlos of Spain is a Drug King Pin and is too easy to bribe - as is his replacement.

6) Japan - Ha - their leadership under Abe is a real mess, completely corrupt and paid off by the US White House Handlers.

7) Italy - yea, right. The Vatican tells the Rothchids what to do and they Pimp us out as US Soldiers to do their work as their little hoes.

8) Austro-Hungarian Union - Ha - the latest CIA manuals state if someone opposes the US they are under orders to replace their entire governments. They will kill you and you are too stupid and afraid to kill hteir Jesuit Hit Men.

So very soon this peaceful little nation will be infiltrated by US Mercinaries claiming to be Muslim Extremists and begin killing everyone ---- Car bombs, Uranium Oxide Gas to sterilize the people.

Yes - Uranium Oxide Aerosol is currently being used to sterilize Central Asia of about 1 Billion People. If they can't have children the society dies - right?

Ever wonder why more and more men are becoming sterile?

Jet fuel - it is laced with Uranium Oxide thanks to the United States Corporation.

So the Muslims will move in to Sri-Lanka and the US Will send in "Humanitarian Aid" for the poor starving people and split the nation in tow because for the "Failing Government."

The people of Sri-Lanka will not even know what hit them.

When all is said and done the US will own the two Sri-Lanka's and the people will be utterly turned into slaves to mine the Gold, Saphires, Ruby's, Moonstones, and - yes - oil.

The US Corporation will make Billions and Sri-Lanka will be sterilized for tens of thousands of years - just like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Khazakstan,  several of the Marshall Islands, many of the Japanese Islands - and soon many major cities.

It's not about resources - for Lucifer it is about destroying GOD's Creation and causing pain. Money and health are just a way to do this.
Please pray they fail miserably and those wishing to do evil fall too ill to even speak for eternity.

Ceylon Today | US seeks to eventually partition Sri Lanka - – Tamara Kunanayakam

Google, Facebook “War Moves” Put Russia On Full Nuke Alert

Putin announces he will nationalize Rothchilds Central Bank: US Ambassador replies he will have Putin's Entire Staff killed:

Putin´s Confident: Putin to Nationalize Rothschild´s Central Bank and Purge “Collaborators” with West. “War till One Side Collapses inevitable” | NEW.EURO-MED.DK

Russia and China - you need to remove the US, UK, and French  embassies from your soil immediately or face the consequences President Yanakovich faced. These are not idle threats.  You have been warned by the Living GOD.

You will either listen or face the consequences - it is your choice. Free Will. Listen to GOD or die and be replaced with a double.
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Dr William B. Mount

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