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Friday, April 3, 2015

New US Corporate Weapon: Genocidal Weapons

The US now has a New type of weapon: The Genocidal Weapon.

Ever wonder why 60% of our troops coming back form the Middle East are sterile/

The US corporation is currently conducting operations to spray Middle Asia with Uranium Oxide Aerosol.

Using this method men in Central Asia will become sterile and their nations will die within 40 years - one generation.

The spray is being done on the ground, in the air through Commercial Airliners, and higher in the air with military jets.

What better way to stop the conflict that to kill off All humans in a peaceful, nice sort of way. Sterile them with an unseen product.

Veterans are flocking to Sperm Banks to store their sperm so that they can have a family when they get back so yes - the VA is now sharing military records with many, many sperm banks across the world.

Thus the Veteran's Administration is again conducting "Espionage" against the United States Corporation.

PTSD, infertility and other consequences of war | Veterans Today

If you watch the video THE CURE FOR CANCER then you will see how to reverse your steriliztion caused by Uranium Oxide Aerosol.

The Video: New US Genocidal Weapon

US Corporation New Genocidal Weapon - YouTube

Dr William B. Mount

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