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Monday, April 13, 2015

How To Perpetuate A Lie

When Adolf Hitler took power in Germany he and his cohorts of the NAZI Party mastered how to perpetuate a lie.

Following in information provided by the American Advertising industry the NAZI regime learned techniques to literally Brain Wash 60 million (Minus 6 Million Jews) people into thinking they could rule the world.

Today the Third Reich is alive and well in London (Which runs  the United States as their military wing to control the world) as these Fascists see fit in accordance with their masters in the Vatican and their lord Lucifer (Satan).

So let us look at one little lie: A President Obama Double read on TV several days ago a speech indicating that the United States Corporation has d a deal with Iran concerning their Nuclear weapons Program.

Following the Speech the Wall Street Journal Headlined the Following stories:

a) 6 April: Political Battle Ramps Up Over Iran

b) 9 April: Iran Pact Threatens Assad

c) 10 April: Ayatollah Blasts Accord Terms

d) 11-12 April, Page 9: Iran Would Extend Nuclear Talks Beyond June Deadline

These stories have been headline news across the United States and Canada for days now.

As we all know - these stories were written before the Obama Speech and there is no US/Iran Deal and the he entire set of stories are complete and utter lies, fabrications.

As a confirmation of this yesterday the head of Irans's Islamic  Revolutionary Guard Corp (IIRGC) Major General Ali Jafari stated on TV that there is no deal and the United States needs to be destroyed.

PressTV-‘Sanctions relief ambiguities must go’

So after I personally went to Iran and Russia pulled 350 Nukes made in the USA out of Iran - why talk about this now, especially after the Obama administration gave North Korea Nuclear Armed Minute Man 1 Rockets?

To lie and keep your eyes off the real issue. More on this later.
A Note on Coast To Coast AM.

George Noory is the best Talk Show host I have ever heard but Coast To Coast sold out just before Art Bell left.

With about 500 stations Art Bell drew in about 12 - 15 Million listeners - or about 30,000 per station between 10 and 11 PM West Coast Time.

Today this number has been reduced to 250,000 listeners nationwide - - or about 500 listeners between 10 and 11 PM West Coast Time.

500 listeners per station - or about 250 listeners per station during the 3rd and 4th hour.

So to keep you from hearing the truth Coast To Coast has purposely lost almost 98% of their listeners.

When John B Wells was there the audience was at about 1.2 Million Nationwide in the First Hour - but he left because he told the truth about a host of subjects not Approved by Coast To Coast
So How Do You Perpetuate Lies?

1) Tell a lie often.

2) Prevent the Truth from being broadcast at all costs - including murder.

Can we Zeig Heil yet?
The News You Absolutely Need

Dr William B. Mount

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  1. Those Accord Terms should be blasted out to the masses.