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Monday, April 13, 2015

An Answer To The Virginia Fudge Factory

I received a call from a very interesting group of people. They are very polite, nice and very influential in international politics. Who they are and what they do is not important - but here is the answer for these folks.

Eons ago the Planets of Adama and Murduke were blown into little tiny pieces by Lucifer.

Later Lucifer blew the face  Mars out of existence in a nasty Nuclear War - a recent Chinese Satellite Richard Hoagland discussed on Coast To Coast (Enterprise Mission) that recently landed on Mars clearly shows the particular remains of a planet destroyed by Conventional Nuclear Weapons.

Now we face the possibility that Lucifer is about to torch off another Nuclear War and turn this planet into a Nuclear Waste Land - or more than likely - little pieces of radioactive dust racing through the Galaxy.
Remember - Planet Earth hollow.

So here is what GOD says about it - Pray (Visualize) that those in charge are immediately immobilized through sickness so badly they can give no more orders.

Further - GOD set me up as a messenger and HE makes the rules and quite frankly some of them suck.

I have no Computer codes but I do know that those who refuse to pay me based on what I have submitted will be dealt with by the Living GOD very soon and completely. You my take that for what it is worth.

Since the VA sells military records worldwide many US Soldiers defected and went to China and brought the Algorythms to enter US Computers with them on their Call Phones. Now all US Companies and Departments have been hacked by the Chinese/Russians/Iranians/Finish/etc.

Not one US Department or Agency has the Hoodspa to stop this - not even the Federal Courts. They are all Spineless Worms. Not event he CIA or FBI stepped forward to stop this espionage ---- and they wonder why no one respects these Spineless Parasites.
As for the Jesuits:

The Chief of the Jesuits stated on 4/15/2000 that if any man challenges the Jesuits in the name of the Living GOD in the media then:

1) The Jesuit Order will be utterly destroyed.

2) Any one who tries to hurt this man must be killed by the Jesuit Order by orders of himself, Hanz Kovlenback. This means holding back this money as well - these in the Russian Central Bank, Deutch Bank, US Treasury Department, Federal Reserve Bank, Red Dragon Family Leaders (Controls the IMF)  and CIA are under orders to be terminated by the Jesuit Order.

I am that man and I Challenge the Jesuits in the name of the Living GOD and order you to disband your organization or face destruction by the Living GOD.

I have no power or special computer codes - only know this: GOD Does Not Need Computers To Destroy Your Organization Or Your Souls. HE could take down the Matrix in a Heart Beat simply by terminating the frequencies coming from the center of the Galaxy. Poof - you are gone forever.

Further - Russia made me the Mantle FEO and then tried to keep me in St Petersburg and put me in an Apartment over a Whore House.


The Mantle FEO is the Direct Representative to the Christ - and the European Economy will not recover until he is returned to Europe in a manner GOD has set. What you gave me is really horrible burden and you should have given this to someone much better than me.

Further - Albert Pike in his book clearly stated that all Masons must obey the "Mantle FEO" or must be killed by order of his lord and master Lucifer.

I have ordered these presidents who are Masons (Putin, Obama, Li, Etc) to pay me what I have already submitted and they have failed and therefore must either be killed or the people in the Masonic Order will be utterly destroyed down to their souls.
So Virginia Fudge Factory Boys and Girls - I hope this openly explains things. You know where I live but for you - the phone is OK. I would rather keep your fudge at a distance. I do not like to arm myself and prefer the Peaceful Route.

For 8 years I have used the media to stop presidential assassinations and Nuclear False Flags and you have sent me much Fudge - thank you.

Virginia Fudge Factory Workers  - you are alive today because of these notifications and you still send me even more fudge. Yum!

So hold on to your hats as you may experience a "Change of Conciousness" since most of your Fudge Workers now have their names and addresses and family pictures published in a New Crowley List.

I hope you are successful and the Pope's Power does dissolve tonight - that is not my area of responsibility but know this - Rome was almost destroyed a year or so ago --- two weeks after this Pope took power and I again broadcast where the nuke would be (2 Separate Attempts) and they were stopped and not one thank you from the Vatican - Only more Fudge to put in my kitchen..
To some new friends: Planetary Logos and Gia - Good Luck, I wish you the best. We can talk in the morning.

For the 20 or 30 readers - this is real international politics in action.

I hope you enjoyed the codes in this message. If they are received and followed by those in the Virginia Fudge Factory Planet Earth may not eb destroyed. Otherwise we will have a New Heaven and a New Earth just like Revelations Predicts.

If nothing else - it will take you a little time to decode this message but it is pretty straight forward.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

See the Video on You Tube: THE CURE FOR CANCER

One last note Fudge Factory Workers: The New Fiat gets 28MPG here in the states but 300MPG in Finland and Germany.

That's 300 MPG - in Europe.

Please explain why I have to drive this kind of Fudge Sickle?

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