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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

General Talk Outline

Topic Outline: Geo Engineering, November 2015


1) Who I am and how I got involved in this mess. It is not important who I am but what YOU get out of this talk.
2) Video: Mind Control Patents Update 1
3)Who They Are -

a) Bandwidths of Life:
    Plant Life
    Animal Life Plain
    Human Life Plain 70 Mhz
    Astral Plain 70 MHZ x 100
    Ganlactic Plain 70 MHz x 100 x 100
     Celestial Plain 70 MHz x 100 x 100 x 100
b) They call themselves Extra Terrestrials inhabiting a Human Body, Fallen Angels, or Walk Ins.
c) PM Medvedev discusses them on the internet.
4) How We Perceive Them: Run Out Of Rome - All Roads Lead To Rome and their 2,000 year old Banksta Mafia - 7 Families. They live on this plain and above this plain so we are merely Slaves to that must follow them.

a) Rothchilds - Financial Managers - London 677 Acres
     US - NY City, Rockefellars
      Europe and Africa - Paris
      East - Singapore
b) Jesuits are the Hit Men
c) Roman Knights of Malta Control Everything - Like Ronald Regan, Colonel Oliver North, Rick Santorum.
5) What they are doing to us: Their goal is to “Put Us Under Stress To Allow Us To Advance Spiritually” according to the United Nations Conferences.

a) Financial Stress - I earned $10/Hr in 1977 at UC Berkeley
b) Physical and Emotional Stress Through:
      Food - Pesticides, Herbicides, GMOs
      Water - Fluoride, Chloride
      Air - Just look up. Parasites. Viruses, Heavy Metals like Aluminum, Nano Chips to Enhance our DNA Read Out (Triangular and Rod Shaped Gold Tipped)
e) Frequency Manipulation
f) Destruction Of Land - In 1977 I watched people grow Iron in a Metalergy Class at 10 to the 14th Power. So why are we still mining for metals?
g) Oil - The US just outlawed VW form importing a Full Sized Car that got 200MPH like the VW Polo overseas and a dozen other cars sold outside US Military Bases that say 300MPG, not for sail in US.
6) Who Exactly Is doing This To Us here in the US, who are their Workers:

a) Financial - Rothchilds - Rockefellars
b) Food - Monsanto GMOs laced with Frequency Activated Viruses like The Plague, Intestinal Problems, etc. My experience.
c) Water - FDA Radioactive Stannous Fluoride, Chloride, Other Chemicals we can not identify
d) Air - Spraying and weather manipulation: 60th Air Wing Fairchild Air Force Base, 9/10 Air Wing out of Omaha and Evergreen Aviation  - Show Spray Devices
e) Earthquake generators - This is what Tesla worked on - Fukushima, Chile
f) Frequencies - GWEN Units - CIA
g) Submarine Weather Generators, go back to 1970 in Vietnam - US Navy
7) HAARP - This requires a whole new chapter. The goal of HAARP is not only as a weapon it can be used to blanket areas with thoughts, electromagnetic waves that kill, agitate, put to sleep. There are 6 HAARPS around the world, & 6 CERNS

Yes - the US HAARP is still running and includes HAARP and tens of thousands of antennas on the top of thousands of buildings.
8) Cell Phones - the same frequency as your Radar Range - Microwave - they fry your brain.
9) Television: The Mind Manipulation Device Installed On Ch 77 TV Station SCAN TV and Jim.
10) What Their Goals Are

a) Georgia Guide Stones - 500 Million People
b) Hanz Kovlenback Interviews 4/15/2000
c) DARPA recent realize: US To Be 69 million By 2025
d) UN  Conference - THE PLAN - Anarchy In US
e) Picture Of Mars - Chinese Satellite just revealed that Mars was destroyed by a Nuclear War,

Film: The Cure For Cancer - show it - 22 Minutes

 OK - Now - What Can We Do About It

What you are about to do is to not only open your mind as to what is happening around you but to go down a road that will be fin and exciting.

1st - Stop Eating GMOs and stop drinking Fluoridated Water.

GMOs: Wheat - Eat Spelt Bread From Famous Dave
               Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil) - Use Coconut oil Or Olive Oil
               Soy beans - Eat Organic Non-GMO
               Corn Oil - Use Olive Oil
               Sugar - Eat C & H Pure Cane Sugar and Xyletol
2nd: Eat No Chemicals. You can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.

     No MSG
     No Propyene Glycol - Cattle Fatner
     No Aspertane - Designed To Kill Rats
     No ink Artificial Sweetner - Pig Fatner
     No Yellow Artificial Sweetner - It Bleaches You Liver and Kidneys
     No Stevia - It was designed to sterilize you.
3rd : Add The Right Foods To Your Diets like Sea Weed and Organic Fruits and Vegetables.
4th: Start one 4 by 8 garden - a small one. Plant a few tomatoes and potatoes. See what happens.
5th: Start Learning - this will be a fun road to go down as a family. News Sources we go to are:
     Jim Willie Golden Jackass Award
     Investment Watch
     Steve Santilli On Line Radio, Project Camelot With Kerry,



  1. What do u think of saccharin (sweet n low etc) as an artificial sweetner?
    Developed a long, long time ago. i am sure it is not good for u,
    but is it dangerous? it's not aspartame at least.

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  3. That was the longest coded message in the open I've seen yet. I'm not a code cracker. I'd love to know what some of these contain. I'm guessing your reposting old videos is like a macro? Instead of encoding a new message, just use one already made. That's handy.

  4. That was the longest coded message in the open I've seen yet. I'm not a code cracker. I'd love to know what some of these contain. I'm guessing your reposting old videos is like a macro? Instead of encoding a new message, just use one already made. That's handy.