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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Inhaler Manufacturing Company Cooling Tower Infecter With Legionires

Today the Cooling Tower for the GlaxoSmithKlien Factory in North Carolina that manufactures Inhalers - especially bound for the VA Hospital's - have mysteriously been found contaminated with the Legionaire's Disease and - of course - the 5 New Forms of TB that have mysteriously appeared at the Pittsburgh VA Hospital.

Apparently the US Corporation is not waiting until September to do the mass spraying.

I urge vets to see the video: THE CURE FOR CANCER.

This new type of TB now being injected into these inhalers has a 100% death rate in 18 months and you die a slow, miserable death unable to breath and coughing up blood.

TB is no fun.

Please see the videos and use the products we recommend and avoid this infecion.


This is not, however, the first time these Murderers have sold contaminated inhalers for use by YOU , the Public.

Apparently in 2010 this happened after the FDA ordered these inhalers destroyed.

The Lot Numbers were:

Lot 9ZP2255 -- NDC 0173-0696-00, Advair Diskus 250/50, 60 dose, expiration Sept. 2010 (14,400 inhalers)
Lot 9ZP3325 -- NDC 0173-0697-00, Advair Diskus 500/50, 60 dose, expiration Sept. 2010 (11,200 inhalers)

No arrests or fines were leveled at GlaxoSmithKlein manufactutingg facility for purposely selling these know contaminated inhalers. 

Please pray - Visualize - that those responsible for these "Acidents" are immediately and permanently immobilized for life for the murders they committed. 

Potentially harmful stolen asthma inhalers show up in pharmacies, FDA says - DailyFinance

Glaxo drug plant where inhalers are made is quiet for 2nd day over Legionnaires' bacteria | Fox Business
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Dr William B. Mount

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  1. Virginia is for lovers and The VA is THE Hospital while today is called Today. Let's make certain that those who give care are worthy of those receiving it. And they are all supported in the way that serves the Highest Good. Look to Dr. Usui and those aligned with him for clues on how to do this. It is NOT rocket science. It is true healing. Simple and true.

    Remember? The Hospital is ALWAYS first in the cycles.
    Well done is better than well said. Thank you.