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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

CDC Names 171 NEW Vaccines

With many states voting to make Vaccinations Mandatory this story has real relevance in your life.

Already the CDC (Corporation of the US Department of Defense) has named 171 more vaccinations you will have to give your children

Already these NAZIS have mandated 45 vaccinations by the age of 5.

Autism is a real concern. With 1 in 88 children now Autistic after working with so many we find that these children have 3 things in common that do not show up in either their parents or their brothers and sisters:

1) Their Auras are Indigo. The Chrystaline Aura children are usually killed.
2) They have high levels of Uranium
3) 95% test positive for Lyme's Disease, which means they usually test positive for a host of other diseases like Malaria, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, etc. .

Please keep in mined Lyme disease is patented and Made In The USA.

The Cure For Lyme Disease - YouTube

Please keep in mind that the only people who test positive for Lyme's and Uranium are these Autistic Children with the Indigo Auras.

Estimates of Profits top $100 Billion by 2025 for these vaccine companies - - - all paid for by YOU, the Tax Payer.

Profit over Safety – Centers for Disease Control Names 271 New Vaccinations

So here is how it stands as of today:

a) We now have 14 Mandatory Vaccines with 56 booster shots that vaccinate us (Give Us) 45 different disease by the age of 18 and mandating Stupid children (50% Drop Out Rate by age 18, Tacoma School District Corporation) and a 1/88 chance of giving your child Autism.

b) we will have around 20 vaccinations with 100 boosters by the age of 18 giving us 226 different diseases and it is likely that the Autism rate will rise to 1 in 5.


Add genetically Modified Food most American's eat and the outlook for America is very dim.

Remember - the Lucifer Trust Fund did sate that they are going to now implement "THE PLAN"  - total anarchy and murder to usher in the NEW WORLD TEACHER and the AGE OF LUCIFER. You will bow to his statue or be destroyed. The chip is not the Mark of the Beast, Bowing to Lucifer is.


BE READY - YouTube

Please pray (Visualize) that those destroying America are completely and immediately immobilized forever.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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