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Friday, May 18, 2018

Google Employees Write Software for Doomsday Machine


(1346) Google Now Writing Software For Doomsday Drone - YouTube


Brought to you by Jane - my wife - who is actually a much better cook than me.


Several weeks ago we discussed the Super Duper Top Secret Space Program’s unstoppable Drone, that:

1) Is capable of flying indefinitely using a Nuclear Pac containing Plutonium 239 as a power source

2) By vibrating it’s hull 100 times faster can be fully cloaked - Invisible

3) Using magnetic propulsion developed in the 1960’s it can fly at incredible speeds

4) Identify humans and kill them at long ranges using Directed Beam Weapons

5) Uses a metal from the Ore Coltan making it impervious to bullets.

6) Once released will continue to operate indefinitely - capable of killing 1 human per second forever.

Google Employees are now writing the Software under the Department of Defense program called “Project Maven” for this “Terminator” project that allows this thing to target and kill Humans while hovering above 50,000 feet.

Almost 4,000 employees now have signed a petition to terminate the project.

Did they think that when they signed on to working for a company whose leaders worship Lucifer and conduct Human Sacrifices monthly that they were going to do good?

Did these Strange Google Employees think that when they started eliminating those who told the truth things would be OK?

That somehow purging the Truth would help Humanity?

Remember - history has shown that those who create these machines are usually the first to be terminated.

Other firms involved in weaponizing these AI Doomsday Machines include Microsoft, Apple and Amazon - all paid for by OUR tax dollars thanks to the White House.

What is even worse is that the latest budget the President signed gave Google another $7.4 Billion Dollars to not only Censor those who tell the truth on the internet but also to develop this Unstoppable Killing Machine.

Google Employees - these planes kill with weapons that cook a human and one dies over several days in utter pain.

What kind of planet are you leaving for your children and grand children?

Keep in mind that these Drones are now being tested over many areas - such as a Sacramento Neighborhood.

Another test site is in South Central Syria.

Over 30 years ago Washington Army National Guard General Gary Stone discussed with us the fact that while flying in a Silent Black Helicopter over our city they could identify Drug Distribution Houses but the Governor refused to send in the police to bust them.

So today as these Drones fly over, and harass, folks in a Sacramento Neighborhood.

They are not there to stop crime but to see how far they can go without getting shot at.

The California Governor approved this project now emanating from the “Sacramento Housing and Development Agency.”

So again Google - what kind of world are you leaving your kids and grand kids?


1) California is now issuing it’s own money - just like we said they would do unless the President had the guts to arrest the Governor.

Well - now California is not only planning to break away from the United States in November but is now issuing what they call are a “Parallel Currency” just like Italy is now doing - a Debt Note - an IOU if you will - that the state is demanding be used as Normal Dollars.

Since the President is too gutless to do as GOD has directed him to do - sit back and enjoy the show because this Gutless Wonder is now creating quite a spectacle.

2) We said there would be a shooting attempt on President Trump 17 May and - way back in January and - Voila - here it is.

Yesterday a man went out to the Golf Course the President was scheduled to be on today at the Trump Doral Golf Club in Florida. and began shooting at Golfers.

At least somebody is listening at the White House - thank you whoever you are.

3) We said there would be yet another FBI/Secret Service Fake School Shooting more than likely in Texas and here it is - another False Flag - this time near Houston.

You Tubers - leave this  FBI/SS Pigs Fake Shooting alone or your channel will be banned.

4) Like we said yesterday - American Companies are now reporting the truth - they are completely unprofitable.

Campbell’s Soup has just announced they are loosing money and cannot figure out why.

Lets see - Canned Soup containing MSG, Poisonous GMO Foods, lead seal on their cans - all that education and they cannot figure out why no one is buying their product.

5) Like we said 4 years ago - the Flint Michigan Bad Water storey was a Cover for something else.

So after 4 years the Governor of Michigan has done nothing to clean up their water - absolutely nothing - despite millions in Federal grants.

Please pray that those responsible are neutralized for the rest of eternity for their inaction and are forced to pay back the Grants out of their own pockets immediately.

6) Russia is pushing back against those going after Fake American news.

Several members of their Parliament are now drafting legislation to arrest those who are spreading fake news in Russia - like all of the employees of CNN, New York Times, etc and also ban them from selling their propaganda there.

At least somebody in Russia has some guts.

7) President Trump asked one question about Immigration that has the Democratic NAZI Loony’s really upset.

According to International Law - when a person flees a nation seeking Asylum they are forced to seek Asylum in the first nation they step into.

Since only about 30% of those entering the US from our southern boarder are from Mexico - the other 70% must legally be sent back to Mexico and given Asylum there.

Any Federal State/County or City Employee ignoring this law is subject to arrest and incarceration for Fraud - not less than 1 year in Federal Prison.

Please pray that President Trump has the Guts to enforce this International Law immediately.


Yesterday we discussed the Massive Conspiracy of those who Worship Lucifer to tear this planet into pieces - not an exageration.

For the last 40 years China has been in violation of a Treaty and has been creating US Companies and funneling $trillions of Dollars into them to not only buy out US Farmland and US Food Manufacturing Companies but to move their Coiticaens into the Nation, create “Compounds” and build their products here on US Soil.

We shall see if President Trump has the guts to stop this Treaty Violation or let it ride like a Coward.

GOD has told us to support President Trump because the alternative is the immediate destruction of Planet Earth.

After the Physical Pain I have suffered as of late due to preserving President Trump’s life, and the lives of all of those in Washington DC from Total Nuclear Destruction twice this year alone - and after the way I was treated by those in DC over the last 3 days - I am less than enthusiastic to follow GOD’s request.

If I make ONE MISTAKE because I am in too much pain

If I miss just one Nuclear Bomb

Just one

Read between the lines President Trump, Mad Dog Mattis, General John Kelly, Sarah Sanders, New CIA Director, and your staff.


Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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